support group meeting collage: woman presenting, The CALL cake, 2 smiling women

1. bear all or part of the weight of; hold up

For months we have prayed for the time when we could host our first CALL Support Group Meeting in Lonoke and Prairie Counties. Finally, this past Sunday, a group of families gathered together at Fellowship Bible Church in Cabot!

​Obviously, a great time was had by all!

See that lovely cake in the photo? Well, it’s true. We genuinely love our families, and we hope they know it! It was so much fun to be able to give away a cd, books, party favors, and gift certificates and eat cake with all of them. They are a genuinely incredible group of people, and the fact that they’re fun is just a BONUS!

The CALL support meeting collage: The CALL banner, people talking, gift bags, counter with food and books, counter with books and cake
Being surrounded by those who have adopted, who have fostered for just a year, fostered for many years, and those who are in the certification process was an absolute pleasure. It was a joy watching families connect for the first time while others reconnected, As they shared within their small groups, there were moments of laughter, serious conversation, and honest sharing.

The day before this gathering, this was posted on a social media page:
What if every adoptive and foster family had everything they needed for their journey? What if they had all of the resources, preparation, education, support, encouragement, acceptance, insight, perspective and skills they needed? What if at no point in this journey were they ever alone, isolated, or misunderstood?
We believe this way of traveling the adoption and foster care journey is not a dream…we believe it can be a reality. This journey was not meant to be traveled alone.

“A reality”.

Yes! Our hope and prayer is for that to be true of the families we work with. May God continue to provide us with the means to support them and enable us to cultivate a community of support among each of them and their community.

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