Loving Louie

Many of you have probably heard about Louie, a young boy with a terminal illness who has a love for first responders. Louie’s optimism and hope in hard times have inspired so many and that could not have been possible without Adam and Chrystal Baker.

Adam and Chrystal Baker are foster parents with The CALL in Saline & Perry Counties. They have been active volunteers for several years and have recently started ministering to Louie and his family. The Bakers heard about Louie’s condition from a friend on Facebook and they knew they wanted to do something for his family. Chrystal said she was picturing bringing them a dinner or some other small act of encouragement, but “Adam had bigger plans”. They learned that Louie liked law enforcement and first responders and, since Adam had worked in law enforcement for several years, they saw this as an opportunity to do something special for him. Soon after this, they began forming a group of first responders to make a parade for Louie. A few emails to local agencies spread and by the day of the parade there were over 100 emergency vehicles that showed up to support Louie in the parade. Since this day, Adam has visited Louie daily and looks for any chance to brighten Louie’s day. Other law enforcement and first responders have also joined in on the daily visits to Louie, giving him something to look forward to every day.

Adam and Chrystal are perfect examples of what Christians are called to do: to love our neighbors with unconditional love. This story also shows us how one little spark of kindness can start a wildfire of love and encouragement that can affect more people than we can imagine.

In speaking about Louie, Chrystal said “Louie has changed us. His love for people is infectious and he just makes you want to be a better person.” Next time you see a #Louiestrong sticker on the back of a car or T-shirt think about the Bakers and how, just like them, you could make an impact through a small decision to love a neighbor.

Please continue to pray for Louie and his family.  For updates, visit his CaringBridge page.

Guest post by Karlee Kindy, intern with The CALL in Saline & Perry Counties

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