Blessings come in all shapes and sizes and in a myriad of ways

The CALL display

This week, one came to us in a large cardboard box from the FedEx man! Do you ever order something and then the delivery truck drops by and you think to yourself “Oh, yeah, I did order that a few weeks ago…”?

Not this time.

We were eagerly awaiting this particular package…

As soon as the kids got it into the house, I opened it and began piecing it together. I stood back and admired it like some work of art by Monet or Degas. However, it was not a painting of any kind. It was a display board!!

I realize this photo may not be that impressive to most, but it is impressive to us. Why?

For many months now, due to changes and unforeseen circumstances, The CALL in our area has had little to no activity.

No new homes being opened through The CALL.

No new volunteers being recruited.

No presence at community events.

However, all that time, one local church was still giving. Each month, diligently giving.

As we rebuild and restructure, we are eager to see more foster homes opened, to have a viable presence in the community again, and to essentially enable people to live out God’s call to serve orphans. All of that can happen a bit faster thanks to one church’s faithfulness. Our display board is a reminder of that. Yes, it simply came in a cardboard box, and it is certainly not a ‘work of art’ as some might say. However, it is a “display” of faithfulness and an encouragement to us! Display boards are not free. Finances are essential to our ministry. We are so thankful to have the ability to take this step forward and utilize this valuable new tool to share and spread awareness. Personally, I hope we wear that sucker out going here and there and everywhere sharing about God’s heart and this ministry!

May God bless those who give and multiply the gift for the good of foster children and for His glory!

Chris and Melissa Furnell, County Coordinators

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