• 5,900
    in Arkansas
    children are in Arkansas foster care every year due to abuse or neglect
  • only 1,600
    families available to care for these children
  • The CALL is changing this

    We are mobilizing the Church in Arkansas to love foster children with the extravagant love of Christ.

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    We are about serving foster and adoptive families, not just children in care.

    We can help you share God’s abundant love and unwavering hope to children in foster care in Arkansas, by educating, equipping and encouraging you in your journey to serve children in foster care.

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    We believe the body of Christ should be first in line to take care of these children.

    Our dream is to have more than enough homes for children in foster care, so that no child is waiting for a home.

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    The CALL is not the answer.The Church is the answer

    The CALL is mobilizing the church in Arkansas to love foster children with the extravagant love of Christ, by equipping the Body of Christ to care for foster children, through foster care, adoption, support ministries or giving.

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    We help you become a foster parent, adoptive parent or volunteer by breaking down barriers to get started or take the first step.

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    Not enough homes

    When there are not enough foster homes in a county, a child coming into foster care will be sent to another county with an available foster home. A sibling group may be split up if a home that will take all of them can’t be located and may end up in different counties.

    So not only was the child removed from a home situation, but now everything else changes too: new school, friends gone, all the familar landmarks gone. And the distance can make healing and reunification all that much harder.

    More than enough homes

    Our vision in The CALL is to have more than enough foster homes available, so that when a child or sibling group needs foster care, the best home for that child or children can be found in their community.

  • Foster care

    If 1 family from each church in Arkansas became a foster family, we could solve the foster care crisis in our community.

  • Adoption

    If out of every 10 churches, 1 family adopted a child from foster care, all children whose parental rights have been terminated would have a new forever home.

  • PRIDE training in progress

    Partnership with DCFS

    The CALL works in close partnership with the Arkansas Department of Children and Family Services.

    This allows us to provide a unique training experience for prospective foster and adoptive families through the entire certification process and beyond, ensuring that you are not left wondering what’s happening at any stage of the process.

    Becoming a foster parent or adopting can be seem like a daunting process. We help demystify that journey and are with you every step of the way, from the first inquiry to when you have children placed in your home and for as long as you need.


    The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Department teamed up with Brownsville Baptist Church to meet some needs of local foster youth. Cleburne County Deputy Neal presented two teens with sports gear so they would be ready to play their favorite sport. Many foster children have negative experiences with law enforcement. This partnership allows them to have a positive interaction. Deputy Neal requested a sport’s schedule so that he and other deputies might attend a game this past spring. We want to offer our appreciation to the Sheriff’s Department and Brownsville Baptist Church for funding this project. If you are interested in helping fund more efforts like this please contact The CALL in Cleburne County at (501) 539-2776.

  • Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress …
    James 1:27

  • Our why

    We are compelled by God’s abundant love, and we exist to share that love and His unwavering hope with children in Arkansas foster care.
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  • Russ and Tenille Rauls foster family from Baxter County

    Our history

    The CALL started in 2007 after a group of concerned individuals came together in prayer, looking for a way to provide for children in foster care in Pulaski County by working together with the Department of Children and Family Services. What started with one group, in one county, quickly spread to other counties.

    In 2010, The CALL became a statewide organization and is now active in 44 counties around Arkansas. The goal is to eventually be active in all 75 counties in the state, so that whenever and wherever a child comes into foster care, that child will not have to be sent off to another county, but will find a welcoming foster home in their own community.

    Families recruited by The CALL make up over half of all foster families in the state. Since 2007, these families have cared for over 10,000 children, and created forever families for over 800 children.

    The CALL provides its services to families and churches at no cost, because cost should never be a barrier to foster care or adoption. The CALL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, funded by contributions from individual donors, churches, foundations and corporations.

    Member of ECFA and CAFO.