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A lot of times it’s easy to see a need and think- “I hope someone can help them!” A problem arises and we figure that someone will come through. Surely people will step up. With how busy and chaotic life can tend to be, it’s so easy and sometimes even natural to shrug something off because “we don’t have the time or resources.” But what if I told you that the needs the fostering community face extend beyond just providing a home? What if I told you there is something everyone can do- at nearly every age- to get involved?

The need is great.

91 Children spend time in foster care in Saline and Perry counties alone – each day.

70 Families have opened their doors and joined the fight.

That is 91 children we can love on.

That is 70 families that we can support.

My husband and I aren’t in a place where we can open up our doors to foster, but we are certainty in a place where we can use our time and resources to extend support to the foster community. Maybe you’re in that spot too.

Below we are going to dive into practical ways that nearly every age can dive in, being the hands and feet of Jesus, responding to the call we’ve been given by God to love deeply.

School-Aged Children have so many opportunities!

Teach your children the joy in giving! Maci wanted a way to get involved so she turned her birthday into a fundraiser! She was able to donate gifts and different school supplies to foster children in need!

There are other ideas such as shoe drives, “Coins for The CALL” (pull out a coffee canister, let your kiddo decorate it, and then use it to collect spare change!), Undie Sundays (Diaper, Sock, or Underwear drive) or maybe “Stuff a Stocking.” (collect and stuff stockings for foster children or DCFS workers!) With Christmas only three months away, what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by this festive and thoughtful gift? Kids love to feel like they are part of something bigger than just themselves- and this is a perfect way to get them involved.


Teens might not be on board with Undie Sundays, but more practical ways they can serve are through aforementioned fundraisers, offering babysitting or yard work services for foster/adoptive families, or car washes (great options for youth groups!). Opportunities are endless, and if you can get teenagers excited to serve, they might even come up with their own creative ideas!

Adults of all ages!

Foster Family Support is a fantastic way to provide up to 72 hours of care for foster children while the foster parents get a weekend away to rejuvenate! If you have a vehicle and the time, turn on your favorite playlist and provide transportation services to families in need! If you have a talent you want to share, there is a place for that! Soccer, fishing, knitting, dance? Take what you love and share that experience with foster children! There is also always a need for volunteers to come into The CALL and provide office support or organization and sorting in The CALL Closet. Host a ‘Baby Shower’ when a foster/adoptive family welcomes a new kiddo into their home! Collect and donate baby equipment, clothing, etc for The CALL Closet. Like to cook? Make a freezer meal for families welcoming a new child.

· Ms. Marie spends her retirement making blankets and pillows to donate! We recently received about a dozen blankets and pillows from her. Contact us if you have yarn, flannel, or cotton to donate for her projects supporting children in foster care and veterans!

· Others  donated party supplies to The CALL so that foster children can enjoy being celebrated on their birthdays.


· Elisha orders diapers and wipes each month to donate to The CALL Closet. When asked why she does it, Elisha responded, “Because children in foster care…really [tug] at my heart and I want to be able to give back and help these families.”

We need your prayers.

We need your time.

We need your resources.

We are calling on all ages: what can you sacrifice to serve these foster children and families? There is a spot for you.

There are so many opportunities to get involved- and each act of service is so important! Maybe you’re reading this and an idea not listed has popped into your head. We welcome and support creativity!

Follow this link below to sign up to volunteer. We will reach out to you and together brainstorm how you can get involved with The CALL:


Post by Amy Davidson

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