Foster Fridays: Shelby Family

Meet the Shelby Family!  Mindy and her three children have been a foster family for the past year and a half, and as Mindy put it, “We have never looked back!” Mindy explained the clear calling the Lord placed on her heart, and on her son’s. “I remember walking down the hall in my home and the words [fostering] were all I could think about. I also had a very realistic dream where someone handed me their baby and I turned around and everyone was gone. I went to wake up my son for church the very same morning and as soon as he opened his eyes, he told me he had just a dream where someone gave him a baby. The exact dream I did! When we went to church, it turned out to be Stand Sunday. The entire service was [about] providing help to orphans and widows…I signed up for an informational meeting that day!”

The Shelby Family says they have learned how much love they have to give to others and how good it makes them feel when they are able to welcome new children into their home. Mindy discussed her children’s response to being a foster family, “They love so big and it is truly fulfilling to witness their welcoming and genuine love for kids they don’t even know…[they] quickly realized how much we have and how little these kids have.”

 Mindy and her children were blessed to support their first child in foster care through the entire process of coming from the hospital, his journey through court hearings and visits, and then finally moving in with his adoptive family. Mindy says, “[this] has created a grateful spirit within my kids- knowing that they made a huge difference for him!” 

 One of the greatest lessons the Shelby Family has learned through this is how to have patience. They have come to understand that they have more love to give than they ever thought possible. The biggest thing they wish others knew about foster care and adoption was, as Mindy put it, “There is such a great need in our county and the surrounding areas. If you think you are not enough- you are! The Lord will use you in ways you never could have imagined, and He provides for you throughout the entire process.”

Mindy went on to say, “Give it a chance! Just go to an informational meeting and pray about it. Ask the Lord to speak to your heart. He will make a way for you.”

We love that Mindy and her sweet children were willing to be obedient to this call the Lord placed on their family. We are so thankful that she said “Yes!” and didn’t allow fear and doubts to stand in the way of being such a vital part of the foster community here in Arkansas!

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