Foster Fridays: Adam & Sydne Smith

Foster Fridays

Meet the Smith Family! Sydne and Adam have been fostering for about 15 months now. Already having two biological children, the Smith Family decided they wanted to expand their family and home in a new way. The more conversations they had within their family and with friends who were already involved in the foster community, the more convinced they became that this was the next step for them.


When we asked Sydne how being a foster family has been a blessing to her and her family, she said, “In one word…HUMILITY. One of our selfish thoughts about fostering was that we wanted our younger kids to be cultured in life. We wanted them to be aware that not everyone is as fortunate as us… As a family in a good place, it was our duty to help out where we could. The kids we’ve been able to bring into our home have taught us some of the most valuable lessons in life, and we will forever be thankful.”


Sydne and Adam shared that one of the most important lessons they’ve learned through this journey was “how to think and parent kids at completely different stages in life. We’ve learned how to parent our own better than we ever could have before. We’ve learned how to show grace and empathy…”


The Smith Family is expecting their third biological child to arrive in March 2021, and still they continue to keep their doors open- ready to welcome the next child needing a home. Advice Adam and Sydne offered to anyone contemplating taking the next step towards being a foster or adoptive family was this: “Write it all down; all your thoughts, goals, rules, fears, wants…and then throw them away. As much as you want, you don’t get to make the plan. Your path was decided before you were created and it will work out as it’s supposed to. Trust your leader, they know what they’re doing- and that’s honestly how you want it. [This] is hard, the hardest, but you can do it.


The Smith Family is just one of many who have opened up their home, handed the reigns over to God, and selflessly said, “Use me Lord.” We are so thankful that Sydne and Adam serve our community in this way

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