The CALL in River Valley

When we started in 2014, Franklin County had 6 open/active foster homes. Today, we proudly have 11 homes…and more in the process!

At this moment, those 11 homes are serving 23 children. Even with 23 children placed in homes, we are still finding that we cannot house every child that comes into care. In addition to supporting the 11 families in our area, we are also working with several pending families to open their homes to foster/adopt.

There was a time when finding new homes seemed out of our reach and completely unattainable but God provided, as He always does. The CALL in Franklin County has no paid employees and is strictly volunteer-led. Our focus is and always will be – FAMILIES! In order to better serve our families and the children they love, we need a few things:

* Prayer – Please pray for the children in care, their biological families, and the goal of reunification. Pray for a day that there will be no need for foster families!

* Church Advocates – Quite simply, someone who would be a point person at their church home. When we have Info Meetings, Support Nights, Fundraisers, etc., we need volunteers who will make announcements or add events to the church bulletin.

We are extremely thankful for our current families. After all, that’s what it’s all about. One church at a time, one family at a time, and one child at a time – God is good and with Him anything is possible!

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