The CALL in Izard, Fulton, & Sharp Counties

Thank you for stopping by our site. Who are we?

The CALL in Izard, Fulton & Sharp counties was initiated by:

  • the Foster Parent Association of Izard
  • Fulton and Sharp Counties
  • the CALL in Arkansas
  • DHS/DCFS in the three counties
  • Area 8 office in Jonesboro
  • state office in Little Rock.

Our organizing summit took place in July of 2009. We began speaking in local churches that month and did our first PRIDE training in September of the same year. Though small rural counties, God’s people are rising up to help his children.

We recruit, train, and support foster and adoptive families from churches in our three counties. Our goal is to help those families enter and complete the process as smoothly as possible, along with the support from us, our current families, and their churches. Our goal is to train new families in the spring and fall. We are always looking for new opportunities to share the need and the response to God’s call. If you know a group or church that is interested in hosting a presentation or an Information meeting, please contact the County Coordinator, Gary Phillips.  If you are interested in beginning the foster or adoptive process or become part of the process of helping others by volunteering, also contact Gary.

We have many opportunities for volunteers on our leadership team and in the community. We are currently seeking committed individuals to join with Gary to lead The CALL in Izard, Fulton, and Sharp Counties. Here is an example of the volunteer positions we are seeking to fill in our counties:

• Chair
• Family Support Coordinator
• Financial Coordinator
• Fundraising Coordinator
• Training Coordinator
• Church Recruitment Coordinator
• Communications Coordinator
• Home Study Coordinator/LCSW
• CALL Mall Coordinator
• CPR/First Aid Coordinator
• Support Group Coordinator

Gifts of prayers, time, and monetary support are all appreciated and can be made through this website, or by contacting Gary. Informational meetings are posted on the calendar portion of this website. If you desire to attend an Informational Meeting, please register from this site or contact Gary.  A special meeting can be arranged if your church has a group of interested families. Just make contact with Gary to schedule your special meeting or for any other inquiries.

Contact Izard, Fulton, & Sharp Counties

P.O.Box 1009
Salem, AR 72576



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