The CALL in Clark County

We launched The Call in Clark County in 2014 in response to our burden to pursue what we believe God considers pure and faultless religion—caring for orphans and foster children (see Jas. 1:27). We believe that such a task is intimately close to the heart of God. As Moses proclaimed, He is the “God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome who defends the cause of the fatherless” (Deut 10:17-18). Throughout the Old Testament, the Lord promises to bless people who care for these types of children and threatens to curse those who do not. Understanding this, Isaiah begins his book with a reminder of how important of a call this is to God:

Hear the word of the Lord to you…
Seek justice,
encourage the oppressed.
Defend the cause of the fatherless (Is. 1:17).

This divine imperative to care for such children was a common denominator in the early church. And we believe that it should also be for us. What will it profit our churches if on judgment day Christ says of us, “I was a foster kid, and you did not take me in. For what you did not do for the least of these, you did not do for me” (see Matt 25:41-45)?

Therefore, despite denominational differences in doctrine, we are calling all the Christian churches in Clark County—black, white, Asian, and Hispanic—to answer this call and come together for the sake of foster children. The number of children in foster care in our county greatly exceeds the number of foster homes we have available to care for them. As a result, local children are placed in foster homes or shelters in other counties. (This means changing schools, longer drive times to visitations and leaving friends and familiar places behind.) An overall sense of displacement is added to their already turned upside-down world. These children need a loving home in a community that is familiar to them.

Through the CALL, God is giving Christian families in our area an exciting opportunity to have an everlasting impact on children in foster care and those available for adoption. If just one family from each church in Clark County became a foster family, we would have a surplus of homes for our local kids.

We realize that not everyone is called to be a foster or adoptive parent but there are so many more ways our congregations can be actively involved in caring for the hurting children of our community.

The need is great. Please help us answer the call!

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