Yell About Us

Yell County Coordinators: Erin Aylor and Kathy Adams

Yell County is a very diverse county. While we have two county seats, the community shares a need because we have many more children in foster care than we have families to care for them. Statistics are fluid things, but in 2016 we only have 2 open homes for ~38 kids. Currently, at ~87%, Yell County has one of the highest out-of-county placement rates in the state.

This presents a huge challenge, but we stand united and firm in the knowledge that our Lord is bigger than any obstacle presented! Because of God’s grace and mercy, The CALL in Yell County is established to promote foster care and adoption from within the church body. We will diligently recruit, train, and support families to provide for the needs of foster children in Yell County. This will allow the children not to be displaced and lose every familiar comfort they have ever known.

Not everyone is called to foster or adopt. However, everyone in the body of Christ is mandated to care for widows and orphans through the words of our Lord in James 1:27. How will YOU answer The CALL in Yell County?