The CALL in Union County

Mobilizing the Church in Arkansas to love children and youth in foster care with the extravagant love of Christ

180 churches
in Union County

71 children
spend time in Union County foster care each day due to abuse or neglect

On average, there are only
27 families
to care for these children

Lemonade Stand

We want to thank our community for supporting our Lemonade Stand. We have seen a lot of kids investing their time to help serve some … Continue reading “Lemonade Stand”

Let’s have some Lemonade

Looking for a way serve this summer? We are looking for some amazing kids to host our NEW lemonade stand! You provide supplies, we provide … Continue reading “Let’s have some Lemonade”

The Barnetts: Sibling love, Sibbling connection.

Grant and Leanne Barnett had their heart into fostering for many years, and as their family increased so did their desire. In 2016, they felt … Continue reading “The Barnetts: Sibling love, Sibbling connection.”

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