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About Us

The CALL in Stone County is pleased to recruit, train and support families from the Christian community to provide foster care and/or adoptive placements to the foster children of Stone County.

We have been growing in Stone County for two years. Our current County Coordinator is Kristi Manzanares, who assists our team to provide a coordinated approach to supporting our families and the DCFS staff to better serve the foster children. Many new programs are being developed to enhance the lives of our foster families. A freezer meal program is being organized to assist on the day a child is placed in their home, as well as other times where a meal is helpful. A CALL Mall has been established to help meet the physical needs of the children in care, such as clothing, baby beds, formula, diapers, etc.

We need all of our Stone county churches in the Christian community to support The CALL in Stone county by encouraging families to accept the call to foster or adopt. In order to turn the tables on the foster care crisis, we need everyone helping make a difference in the lives of these children. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn about Jesus and experience unconditional love. If you want to learn more about fostering or adopting, contact us.