Going Home

The CALL Home, our resource center in Benton, has space for children in foster care to visit with their families.  The goal of these visits is to help the family heal and works towards reunification.  The families can play with toys and games or read books in the family rooms or cook a meal together in the kitchen.

Kate, DCFS staff, shares a recent success:

Michael*, a 13 year old young man, had quit coming to visits because he didn’t like being in the DHS building, and it constantly reminded him how bad his parents messed up. Jordan*, his 10 year old brother, continued to visit.  We started visiting at The CALL Home and cooking yummy meals every week, then Jordan would go home and brag to his brother how fun it was and how yummy the food was. Michael finally started to come and has reignited his bond with his parents! He says he loves “feeling like he’s at home” and our biggest success is when he told his parents “I can tell you guys have really changed for the better.” Now he comes every week and helps us cook, and he can’t wait to start trial home placement soon. Before we were blessed with The CALL Home, he had resolved to never see his parents again. And now he’s elated to go home soon! *Names changed to protect privacy.

The generous support of our churches and community allows us to continue to provide a safe and welcoming space for families.  Join us in our mission as a monthly donor or business sponsor by visiting TheCALLinArkansas.org.

Foster Care Closet
The CALL resource center includes:
  • Foster Care Closet
  • Staff Offices
  • Training space foster & adoptive parents
  • Two birth family visitation rooms
Saline & Perry Counties

2010 Military Road
Benton, AR 72015

Mailing Address
PO Box 90
Benton, AR 72018



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