The CALL in Pulaski County

560 churches
in Pulaski County

1,100 children
spend time in Pulaski County foster care every year due to abuse or neglect

On average, there are only
240 families
to care for these children

The Phifers: Reunification

“D” was a fragile 3 days old when she joined our family. She was smaller in size for her gestational age. I remember how her … Continue reading “The Phifers: Reunification”

Nicole Carlton- Unexpected Positives

  “Adoption is something that has been on my heart since I was a child. My mom was adopted and I knew from a young … Continue reading “Nicole Carlton- Unexpected Positives”

Shantel Moore: Planting Seeds

“I foster to plant seeds in the life of children. I know that I may not be the one to witness all the seeds grow … Continue reading “Shantel Moore: Planting Seeds”

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