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About us

The CALL in Pulaski County is where the model of The CALL was developed, in partnership with the Arkansas DHS Division of Children and Family Services, starting in 2006. Since that time, God has grown our efforts here through partnerships with dozens of area churches of varying denominations, to impact hundreds of children in foster care in our county each year. Hundreds of Christian foster and adoptive families have come forward to serve on the frontlines of caring for the abused and neglected children in our community. We continue to work toward the vision of “no waiting children” in Pulaski County, and instead to have waiting Christian foster and adoptive families ready to take them in!

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The CALL in Pulaski County Staff:

Joe Snyder
County Coordinator
As a pastor and foster parent Joe brings passion and perspective to the team in Pulaski County. He serves as the catalyst for our ministry, as his experience with churches and foster children drives him to lead our team to support our families and churches with all excellence.
Judi Booth
Family Support Coordinator
Judi brings a lifetime of social work experience to her role and serves those interested in pur
suing foster care, adoption, or respite care through The CALL. She works closely with the state agency and walks our families through the paperwork and training process toward certification. Judi is available to answer questions and work through any issues families face.
Lisa Harper
Family Support Coordinator

Lisa has a degree in social work and experience counseling children in foster care and their families, so she has first-hand knowledge of how desperately these children want a family. Lisa serves those interested in pursuing fostering, adoption, or respite care through The CALL, and offers continued support to families once they are opened. She is passionate about The CALL’s mission – to educate, equip and encourage the Christian community to provide a future and a hope to children in foster care in Arkansas.
Tiffany Davault
Family Post-Support Coordinator

Tiffany brings many years of serving children in foster care. She is an experienced foster mom, former children’s home house mom, former case manager for children in foster care, and has a masters in social work degree from LSU. Tiffany’s primary role with The CALL is to assist our team in many ways, including with our many events, new volunteers, and various communications. Tiffany also volunteers as a CALL PRIDE trainer for prospective foster and adoptive homes.
Blake Reap
Church Partnership Coordinator

Blake is passionate about mobilizing churches to meet the need for foster and adoptive children in our community. Serving on our team as a connector, Blake’s desire is to eliminate barriers between the churches of Pulaski County, the Department of Children and Family Services, and the foster and adoptive families that need to be supported.
Madison Bray
Administrative Specialist / Event Coordinator

The glue that holds our office together is Madison Bray. Serving as our office’s administrator, she brings order to chaos and helps to ensure that amidst all of the going and doing, our team functions as a unit. Madi loves networking with local businesses and civic groups to expand our impact to the areas of our community we have yet to engage.