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The leadership team in Pike & Montgomery Counties

About us

Meet our team: Back row left to right: Stacy Cowart, Sarah Blackmon, Michelle Douglas (state office), Annie Scott, Amanda Bailey. Seated left to right: Sherri Smith, Tara White, Laura Waggoner.

We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of Arkansas in Pike and Montgomery Counties.

Unfortunately, every day in our counties we have children placed in foster homes due to abuse or neglect. Sadly, we do not have enough foster homes to be able to keep these kids in our county where they can remain in their school and community that cares about them.  We want to work to change this!

The solution is simple: mobilize the church. God calls Christians to care for the fatherless and orphans. If one family from each of our counties’ churches stepped up to serve, the crisis would be solved.

Together, we can give our children a safe home where they can experience the unconditional love and stability of a family. Will you join us?