No More Trash Bags

Junior Auxiliary of Harrison provided Duffel Bags for The CALL Mall!
Junior Auxiliary of Harrison provided Duffel Bags for The CALL Mall!

No child should ever have to carry their belongings in a trash bag. They deserve so much better. This amazing group of women decided to help us meet the immediate need when kids come into care! We love it when we put out a need and people show up and deliver! Junior Auxiliary showed up and blessed our kids in a major way! Thank you for such a generous donation of 144 duffel bags!!

We put the word out for church groups or community groups to help us with a bag collection a few weeks ago and never dreamed that a group would come through with so many duffel bags!  We’ve had extension groups, women’s ministries, and individuals sew bags for us before, but this was a huge surprise!

One of the ladies from JA approached us and said they had just completed a fundraiser and wanted to use the proceeds to purchase duffel bags for the kids.  We were so excited to be able to meet this immediate need for the kids in care!

This donation will allow us to help children carry their belongings to their new foster homes with dignity and move them to a place where they can begin to heal and process through their hurt and emotions.  They are dealing with enough trauma, we wanted to do everything in our power to help them begin the healing process!  We also use the bags as they head back to their homes with their families as part of the reunification process and sometimes as children move on to an adoption placement.

Thanks to the generosity of Junior Auxiliary, the children in foster care in Boone & Newton Counties are carrying their belongings in much better gear now!  If you would like to help with this cause, please contact us to find out more about our ministry and how you can help become a part of the solution!


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