Melissa Furnell

Melissa Furnell volunteers as the Support Group Coordinator for The CALL in Lonoke and Prairie Counties. She and her husband initially served in the roles of County Coordinators for The CALL in our area from 2013-2016.  She recently decided to rejoin The CALL so that she could help equip and support families who are opening their hearts, homes, and lives to children in foster care.

As the Support Group Coordinator for The CALL in Lonoke/Prairies counties, Melissa provides support for families who are serving as foster or adoptive parents. Her favorite part of the job is helping others understand that there are countless ways for individuals and families to help support fostering and adoptive families. In Melissa’s words, this is not an easy journey for them and that we as the church can come alongside them and help bear the unique burdens and challenges that they encounter.

“I believe everyone can do something, and supporting families is an extremely important and vital role to play.”

Melissa loves sharing her life with her husband Christopher. She is also a mother of three and loves homeschooling her children. In her free time, she enjoys reading and being outdoors.

We are so thankful for Melissa and all that she does for the fostering and adoptive families in our area! One of the easiest ways that we can support our volunteers is to lift them up in prayer. Let’s be sure to thank God for Melissa and her service to the children and families of Lonoke and Prairie Counties!