May God Story – The Turners

Pictured from Left to Right: Cameron, Tim, Kalen, Timothy Jr., Tameka & Kennedy

Pictured from Left to Right: Cameron, Tim, Kalen, Timothy Jr., Tameka & Kennedy

We were introduced to foster adoption through family and friends who had already answered “the call” to serve.  Although open to adoption, one thing was certain:  we would never foster because it would be too hard to give them back.

In 2008, we attended Project Zero’s Disney Extravaganza with our minds set finding a child between the ages of 2-3.  Then, this little girl who was five ran up to us and gave us a big hug.  But, she wasn’t the one for us, she was too old. When we went to a Christian camp that next week, neither one of us could stop thinking about her. God was clearly speaking to us, so we inquired about her. She came to our home in July and never left. Our daughter, Kennedy, has been such a tremendous joy in our family.

God had more plans for us!  Our oldest son left for the military in 2014, and we wanted to give back and be a blessing. We decided to go through The CALL because of our Christian values and we had heard such great things about the organization. What really stood out to us was that if one family from every church fostered a child, there would not be a child without a place to call home.  It took us a year to ultimately say yes to God.

When we first began fostering, we said we would never take an infant or toddler. Surely, we could have learned by now never to say never!  We received a call about a 17 month old who had been in three different homes in five months.  Our hearts broke for that little boy.  He screamed all the time and had health issues, which had caused him to be moved around so many times.  Amazingly, as soon as he came into our home, he stopped crying!  God has really blessed this little boy’s life. We’ve been able to get his health issues resolved and we’ve connected with the birth mom to encourage her, send pictures, and to let her know that God loves her so much.  We are thankful that God has let our family take care of her baby. That little boy is forever a part of our family even after he returns to his mother.

We now LOVE being the middle parents – helping the birth parents and bringing them peace and love. We’ve had three children in our home since opening as a foster family, and there has been such a peace that radiates God’s love.

Yes, fostering was a gigantic leap of faith for us to take — but it has been an exciting journey and we do not regret it.  It’s a JOY being a servant of Christ.  Serving Him is what keeps us focused through the highs and lows, mountains and valleys. The goal is reunification with the birth parents, and if we can offer a little love, safety and comfort for these children as they face a very difficult situation, that is the least we can do. We know the Lord has called us to do this. Yes, we are busy. Yes, we have responsibilities at church. Yes, we have three teenagers who have their own set of wants, needs, and challenges. Yes, we are married and still have to find time for each other. God always provides along the way.

For those considering fostering, if you say yes to the call of God to open your home and heart, He will work through it all and give you the grace, wisdom and resolve to influence a child’s life forever. The love and innocence you receive just for obeying, watching the positive outcome unfold, all the good, and helping a family in their time of need…that is what it’s all about.

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