Lindsey and Heather – Supporting Biological Families

It’s National Foster Care Awareness Month, and we want to celebrate our families! We love both our foster families and biological families! Foster families exist to SUPPORT biological families until their kids can return home, and even after.

One of our foster moms, Lindsey Snyder, shared a part of her story….

“Meeting Heather and truly getting to know her allowed me to see foster care through a different lens. Her son was the third placement we took after we opened as a foster home in 2015. While I got to know her, I was able to look past her situation and see her for who she was. God blew me away with how He used that relationship to bless my family and hers!

One of the hardest parts of foster care is the simultaneous celebration of a child who returns home and the loss you feel when your relationship with the child being diminished. But when we allowed our relationship with Heather to grow we found so much beauty that we weren’t expecting.

I gained a friend, a fellow mother who was now raising 4 kids by herself. And she’s pretty awesome! She’s so very hard working for her kids and one of the most selfless people I have ever met. We get the joy of being able to babysit occasionally and having family meals together. While it hurt to lose a foster son, I gained what can only truly be described as a nephew! 

I had no idea before entering the world of foster care that the relationship I would have with the biological family would be one of the biggest blessings of my life.”

CALL Mall in Marion County

Members of the leadership team for The CALL in Marion County pose in front of their CALL Mall.  Pictured below are Front row (left to right) Karen Carter, Misty Duffy, Danielle Davenport, Edie Kate Hampton and Mr. Bobby Joe Ott. Back row Dianne Erickson, Rosie Davenport, Linda Ramos, Heather Kite, Gabe Ramos, Janice Triner and Tad Ott.  The Mr and Mrs. Bobby Joe Ott and Tad Ott were instrumental in having this house donated to us for our use.  Not present for the picture were Mrs. Bobby Joe Ott and team members Lindsay Davenport and Mina Benjamin. The CALL Mall was donated by the Main Street Church of Christ in Yellville and sits on their campus.  We are grateful for their support of The CALL.

The CALL in Marion County receives donations

Edie Kate Hampton, County Coordinator of The CALL in Marion County stands with Tim Kelly, director of the Yellville Area Food Closet and Jane Niebergall, organizer of the Holy Week services that were held in Yellville this week.  Edie and Tim each received checks for $675 for their organizations.  Each day this week there were various churches represented in providing music, a short talk and lunch.  A basket was provided for contributions each day. The United Methodist Church of Yellville hosted the daily events.  We thank everyone for participating in this event that nourishes our souls and bodies.

The Call of Marion County to benefit from local Holy Week services

The Ministerial Alliance will hold Holy Week Services beginning Monday, April 15 through Friday, April 19.  These are held at the United Methodist Church in Yellville at noon each day.  There will be music, a short talk and lunch each day, except no lunch on Friday. Everything will end by 1.  An offering is taken up each day and this year it will be split between the Yellville Area Food Closet and The CALL of Marion County.  Please, plan to join us at this most  holy time of year.