The CALL in Howard County

Mobilizing the Church in Arkansas to love foster children with the extravagant love of Christ.

20 churches
in Howard County

5 children
spend time in Howard County foster care each day due to abuse or neglect

On average, there are only
4 families
to care for these children

Continued Love& Support

In Howard County, we continue to see an abundance of love and support. We appreciate the continued support from churches around our community. We have … Continue reading “Continued Love& Support”

3rd Annual Peach Festival 5K

The CALL in Howard County will be holding their 3rd Annual 5K fundraiser on Friday, May 4th at 6:30 p.m. The event is scheduled to … Continue reading “3rd Annual Peach Festival 5K”

Successful Informational Meeting

Howard County recently hosted a successful informational meeting. We appreciate our host churches, Grace Point Mennonite Church and Immanuel Baptist Church. They prepared a wonderful … Continue reading “Successful Informational Meeting”

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