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About us

Each day, across Arkansas, about 20 children come into foster care, through no fault of their own. Each one of those children needs a safe place to stay, where they can grow and prosper. But in Garland & Hot Spring Counties, there are not enough homes to care for those children. So children in foster care from our county end up being placed somewhere else in the state.

Imagine being one of those children. You’ve been removed from the home you were living in and now on top of that, you are in a totally new place, away from your friends and school. That’s a lot of added challenge.

The CALL in Garland & Hot Spring Counties exists to recruit, train and support families from the Christian community right here in our own county who will care for children in foster care. Keeping those children locally is a win for everybody.

The goal when a child comes into foster care is almost always reunification with the original family. Of course it’s much easier to make that happen when everyone involved is still in the county.

If we had just one family from each of our churches step forward to foster and/or adopt, we could have enough foster homes! Right here in our county!

Actually, our goal is more than enough homes. So that when a child comes into foster care, they can be placed in the right home for their needs.

You can be part of the solution to the foster care crisis in Arkansas right here at home. Come to an Info Meeting to learn more or contact us today.

The CALL Mall in Garland & Hot Spring Counties

We have established two CALL Mall locations to serve foster and adoptive families in Garland and Hot Spring Counties. We are actively working to establish locations in Hot Spring County. Current locations include the Goodwill Store located at 205 Garrison Rd, Hot Springs, AR 71913, and Hot Springs Baptist Church located at 144 Weston Rd, Hot Springs, AR 71913. Hours vary at each location. Appointments can be arranged by contacting Lynn Meerhan at 281.782.2848