Forever Family keeps siblings together!

Michael and Kim Evans thought they had completed their family.  They stepped into their foster care journey along with their two children in 2015. After a couple years and several placements, they met their son, Owen.  The Evans continued to foster. They were blessed with a little girl to foster. Time continue to pass and they continued their work. Then they received an unexpected phone call.  Owen had a brother that entered into foster care. The Evan’s knew exactly what that meant, they had a new foster placement.

Michael and Kim suddenly had 5 children to love (3 under the age of 4)!  The CALL and the community stood by them as they continued to love these children.  The little girl moved into adoption in 2019 and is now an Evans!

On June 3, 2020 we celebrated the forever family that now is complete.  Michael and Kim finalized the adoption of “Daniel Evans”.  These brothers may have a little different story of their relationship journey, but they are still siblings!

We have watched this family grow and we love them!  Court was conducted via ZOOM and we didn’t want to miss the party! So we used our new Support Center to host their family for an outdoor court viewing!!!! After court, Immanuel Baptist Church hosted a drive by celebration parade.