Family for Thanksgiving

One of the biggest questions we are asked by new foster families is ‘Will I meet the biological parents?’ This is often a sensitive topic as the new foster family isn’t quite sure how they will feel about it, if they want to meet them or if it’s a good idea to be involved with them. We assure them that it will be their decision and that they will be able to decide when the time comes.

We encourage them to at least give it a try, to share the love of Christ with everyone, even those they may feel unsure about.

Dinner Line

In certain situations it may be for the child’s best interest for the the foster and biological families to not meet or interact. But if at all possible we want both families on the same team, rooting for and encouraging each other. We’ve heard many amazing reunification stories over the years and it’s always wonderful to hear about two families coming together to provide for a child they both love.

Our 2nd annual Thanksgiving Dinner was held in the hopes of fostering some of these connections. By providing a neutral space where children and their families (foster and biological) could come together and enjoy a nice meal. With the help of our friends at Covenant Presbyterian Church, we were able to hold a Thanksgiving meal for over 70 people. We had all the traditional sides and desserts, the tables were decorated with festive fall lanterns and volunteers came to serve food. It was beautiful to see all the families interacting and spending time together. Some foster families even stayed longer so the children would have more time together with their mom and dad.

Craft time

Craft time was a big hit with our families. I especially enjoyed watching the moms and dads help their children with crafts and coloring. Many of the foster parents stood on the side lines watching and encouraging the kids to spend time with their parents. This was truly a unique event and it’s opened our hearts to all the possibilities of ways we can encourage these relationships in the future.

A special Thank You goes out to our foster families who extended the invitations to the child in their care’s parents. It is really a special thing to see this unique bond and everyone having a good time together.

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