The CALL in Crawford & Sebastian Counties

Mobilizing the Church in Arkansas to love foster children with the extravagant love of Christ.

244 churches
in Crawford & Sebastian Counties

923 children
spend time in Crawford & Sebastian Counties foster care each day due to abuse or neglect

On average, there are only
187 families
to care for these children

Reflections on 2018: a Partial Year in Review

Together the county staff regularly reviews the things we have done and the things we need to do. Whew! This has been a busy year … Continue reading “Reflections on 2018: a Partial Year in Review”

Free Watermelon

Greenwood Freedom Fest

We had a great time on the Fourth of July handing out watermelon to everyone who attended the Greenwood Freedom Fest. Our local CV’s Family … Continue reading “Greenwood Freedom Fest”

The CALL annual report 2009

A CALL to Action

From an adoptive parent: Can I call out the pro-life crowd for a minute? I love you people. You give a voice to the unborn … Continue reading “A CALL to Action”

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