The CALL in Crawford & Sebastian Counties

Mobilizing the Church in Arkansas to love children and youth in foster care with the extravagant love of Christ

244 churches
in Crawford & Sebastian Counties

923 children
spend time in Crawford & Sebastian Counties foster care each day due to abuse or neglect

On average, there are only
187 families
to care for these children

What's Your Why?

The Yancey’s Why

Here is “the why” Lisa and I started down the road to foster and adopt. We knew a couple who had fostered as well as … Continue reading “The Yancey’s Why”

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum Fairy Tea Party

Several of our families were blessed with opportunity to attend the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea party hosted by the Western Arkansas Ballet. Our little girls … Continue reading “Sugar Plum Fairy Tea Party”

Movie Night

Movie Date

Lights, Camera, Action, we’re going to the movies! Because of our generous donors and supports The CALL in Crawford & Sebastian was able to rent … Continue reading “Movie Date”

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