Update from Cleburne County CALL Coordinator

There are two ways to reflect on 2019: one is to fret about things left undone and missed opportunities. The second is to give thanks for how the Lord has used our feeble efforts to accomplish his purposes. Similarly, there are two ways to step into 2020. One is to be worried and afraid of an impossible to-do list and what might go wrong. The second is to trust in the Lord and his promises, and this is what he has promised to those that love him: to use all circumstances for their good (Romans 8:28), to be faithful to complete the work he started in them (Philippians 1:6) and to keep them in perfect peace when their minds are kept on him (Isaiah 26:3).

As I look back at 2019, I choose to be filled with gratitude for all the ways that God has used our foster families to shelter storm-battered hearts. They have provided an environment in which these precious hearts may call on him. As I look forward to 2020, I am trusting in the Lord’s promises to use our faith prompted plans for the good of these children.
To our foster parents, thank you for the sacrificial giving yourselves to these children. The Lord sees you and is with you every step.  To our community and faithful volunteers, thank you for being the Lord’s hands and feet supporting and encouraging our families in the trenches. I look forward to serving alongside you all in 2020.
– Amanda Bush
Cleburne County CALL Coordinator

Annual Foster Parent Retreat

In August, we held the annual foster family retreat at Mt. Eagle Retreat Center! We love offering this time each year for some of our families to enjoy time away to relax and fellowship with others who understand the challenges of foster care. Our families are encouraged and refreshed during this weekend. This is the amazing group that got to come this year. We are thankful for our foster families and the churches who sponsored these foster families to attend.

Out of State Donation!

Even from another state you can help the CALL!  Jennifer Barger-Enyart saw a post on FB from a local foster mom and knew she wanted to help. She didn’t let living in another state keep her from not contributing. 💙💙

Thank you Jennifer and your heart for kids in foster care!


Last week I took my children to the swimming pool, and one of our foster moms was there with her children and a toddler who is currently in her home. We had been there for about an hour when a mom and elementary-aged boy came through the gate to swim. I saw the little boy spot the foster mom from a distance. He ran over to her and gave her a big hug and called her “Aunt”. I knew he wasn’t her biological nephew, so I deduced he must have been in her home at some point in time. This little boy had been in her home; he had been placed in foster care at birth and hers was the first home he knew. I am so thankful to report that he was reunified with his mother and has been with her for years.
For the next couple of hours, I watched as this little fella swam and played and hollered, “Mom, watch this! Aunt, watch this!” I saw a mom who was genuinely excited to see the woman who cared for her newborn baby. What started years before as a person in dire need of help and change crossing paths with someone willing to help in a deep and sacrificial way, was now a mutual friendship. The two ladies pulled their chairs beside each other and caught up on life. Two moms at the pool with their kids, enjoying each other’s company and catching up on life.
When I left that day, I felt an overflowing joy in my heart. Not all stories unfold as this one has, but I am grateful that the story for this mom and boy has been one of healing and reunification. It is the Lord’s mercy and grace shown through a foster family willing to care for a child and minister to his mother faithfully, no matter how the story unfolded.
– Amanda Bush
Cleburne County Coordinator