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About us

So often the task of foster care seems overwhelming and daunting. It feels like a ministry desperately in need of hope. As I type, a group of us from The CALL are headed to a foster care conference in Louisville, Kentucky. It is hosted by the organization Christian Alliance for Orphans (check them out at CAFO.ORG). Thousands will be gathered under one roof to corporately cry out to the Lord to move on behalf of orphans worldwide and to learn more about the roles we can play in being His hands and feet in orphan care. It is so encouraging to know the Lord is calling thousands and thousands across the country and world to care for the orphaned and disenfranchised in foster care. Please pray for our team over the next few days. It is a privilege to go and represent our  community. Cleburne County is such a special place. Pray we will be renewed in our calling and able to come back and effectively communicate the message.

~Amanda Bush

Cleburne County CALL Coordinator