Cleburne About Us

As I have transitioned into the coordinator role, one thing that I have been so humbled by is the faithful volunteers The CALL of Cleburne county has. Before becoming coordinator, I had been working with The CALL for a while and knew we had a great volunteer base, but it wasn’t until I stepped into this leadership role that I fully understood how invaluable our volunteers are. In many ways, I see our ministry through different eyes now. I certainly feel a much greater responsibility for the work we do. This new perspective has made me appreciate and respect our volunteers on a level that I did not before.
If you come to one of our meeting rooms at The CALL house, you will see a list of about twenty names. These are names of volunteers who serve The CALL ministry on a regular basis. Not only that, but many of the names on the chalkboard have a team who is working under them. Our many volunteers serve day in and day out with no expectation of receiving recognition for what they do. From organizing our foster parent trainings, to organizing and maintaining our CALL Mall, running our database, keeping us all updated on social media, buying birthday gifts for kids in care, processing paperwork, coordinating childcare, and the list goes on and on, this ministry would not exist without faithful volunteers who are working for the glory of their Savior and for the least of these in Cleburne county. I am so humbled and grateful for the group of people the Lord has put together to serve the children in foster care in our county and the foster families who care for them.
To each volunteer reading, know that you fill an important role in this ministry, and no role is a small one. Know that the Lord sees the work you are doing, and always remember we are ultimately working for Him. For others reading, we are praying the Lord would expand our team, and if you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry, please let us know.
~Amanda Bush