Celebrating the ‘Firsts’

Kaleb had been in foster care for more than 5 years when he was adopted at age 13.  He missed out on a lot of the ‘firsts’ that most kids experience while growing up such as participating in sports and birthday parties.  Kaleb shares below what a difference having a family made in his life:

“Being adopted has changed my life. It had given me the great feeling in the world. I finally have a group that supports me and loves me unconditionally. It means the world to me that they have taken me in and love me like their own. It’s almost like having a dream come true. When I was in foster care, I would want to leave and go somewhere else. But here, I know I never want to leave and I know I never have to leave. I know I won’t have to go from school to school so I can put more effort into my grades. I can have friends and build relationships with teachers and coaches. I can play sports now, and that’s something that I’ve never been able to do before. I’ve had so many firsts since being brought into my family. I had my first birthday party at the age of 13, experienced my first over night stay with friends, experienced my first basketball conference win, and go to my first homecoming.

I was headed down a dark path before i met Mom and Dad. If I hadn’t been adopted I know that I would be on the streets somewhere, probably selling drugs or addicted to them. May possibly even be in jail.
Now I feel like I belong. And I am chosen. Out of all the kids that were up for adoption they picked me. They have continued to show me the love of Christ. Even when I messed up, they didn’t give up on me. God has blessed me beyond what I deserved by giving me this family.”
Please prayerfully consider adopting an older child and give them a chance at having a happy childhood!  If you live in Saline or Perry Counties (Arkansas), please join us for an information meeting to learn more.  Visit our Events page to find the link for upcoming information meetings.
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