Adoption Celebration

Jeremy and Genie Humphries have been fostering in Union County for the past two years, they have given unconditional love and care to many. Their daughter has been an important part of their fostering life, she has been always loving, helpful and caring. The love of this family for foster kids is evident in their actions. They always are willing to help; not only the kids that have entered their home, but also other foster kids and foster families in the community.

We are full of joy to announce the adoption of a precious little boy by The Humphries.

On September 1st, Jeremy and Genie Humphries adopted a baby boy that has been in their home for 345 days. Although he has spent days in hospital, many appointments and check ups, he has been conquering challenge after challenge. His parents and sister have been there to help him overcome anything coming his way.

We are very happy for The Humphries and for Carter. He is a precious boy loved by everyone who gets to meet him. He brings so much joy.

Congratulations Jeremy, Genie, Anna Grace and Carter.

Foster parents of the Year celebration at the Governor’s Mansion

Brooke and Jeremy Hargis were recognized for all the amazing work they did as foster parents. They have invested many years caring and loving many foster kids. They have adopted four kids through out their journey. Because of their experience they are a great source of information for many foster parents and they are always willing to help.

On July 20th, 2018 they spent their evening at the Governor’s Mansion with foster parents from other areas, DCFS caseworkers and supervisors. We are so proud and excited for them.

Jeremy and Brooke Hargis Named South Arkansas Foster Parents of the Year

Jeremy and Brooke Hargis of Strong Named South Arkansas Foster Parents of the Year Banquet part of growing DCFS effort to better support and retain foster families
The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) plans to celebrate and honor its foster parents on Friday, July 20 at a banquet at the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion. As part of that celebration, the agency has named Jeremy and Brooke Hargis as its Area 4 Foster Parents of the Year for their significant efforts to support children in foster care and their biological families.
DCFS Director Mischa Martin said the Hargis’ were selected as area winners primarily because they have embraced their role as a “reunification partner” and work closely with the biological families of the children in their care.
“They are amazing foster parents and pour all their energy into their children,” said Martin. “In addition to their commitment to helping reunify foster children with their families, the Hargis’ have made a name for themselves through their ability and willingness to be ambassadors and powerful voices for foster parenting.”

DCFS is responsible for the safety of children and youth in the state and has approximately 4,500 children in foster care, most of whom are placed in home settings with foster families. The state is divided into 10 service areas, and nominations for outstanding foster families were submitted from each area by family service workers, other foster parents, and child advocates.
One winner from each area as well as an overall winner (to be announced at the banquet) were chosen by DHS/DCFS staff based on years of services to the division, reunification efforts with biological families, partnership with the agency, support for other foster parents, advocacy for the children in their care, and other criteria.

The Call of Union County is very proud of The Hargis’ and all the work they have done. They are a big help to this organization.

Celebrating adoption

Everyday, there are many reasons to celebrate life, to celebrate special occassions, to celebrate each other.
Today, a family in Union County is celebrating the addition of a new member of the family.
The Tom family, Dan and Mayela with three biological kids; Matthew, Douglas and Izabella, started the journey into fostering in 2015. There were no plans to adopt at that time; the plan was to provide home to kids temporalily while the biological parents got ready to bring their kids back home; but as we all know, plans not always go the way everyone forsees.
This little girl that came into the Tom’s household in 2016, today became a lifetime member of this family. There is so much joy and excitement surrounding this celebration. Today she is home, without even knowing she was already home 535 days ago.

The Toms want to let everyone know that if you ever had a thought about fostering, please get yourself informed. Educate yourself about the different options you can have to become a foster parent. The Call of Union County has been big supporters of this family; the organization links all these families that are going through the same journey to gain support, training, knowledge, answers, to learn about resources, options, and help that foster families can get in the community where they are located. They also supply various items to help with the expenses.

The Tom family couldn’t have made it with out the support provided by The Call of Union County and the families

Empty nesters once, now a full house. The Tharretts.

When their two kids left their home, Wayne and Sandi Tharrett felt like they still had a lot of parenting left in them, they knew there were many kids in need of love and stability; and they were willing and determined to offer that to these kids. As empty nesters in Columbus, MS and with a lot of love in their hearts, in 2014 they decided they would start their fostering journey.

A year later they moved to Arkansas and they transferred their license. They now live in Union County as foster and adoptive parents. “We‘ve had all ages of kids come to our home and each child has left their mark and changed our life in one way or another”-says Sandi. Fostering has allowed them to see kids in a different light, every child has a story and they are always different.

After two years of fostering, they adopted a beautiful and talented 14yr old girl. That same year, the boy they were fostering became available for adoption and they adopted this handsome 8yr old boy. Now their home is full again.

Sandi explains that The Call and a group of foster parents in the area have been a lot of support for them; they are a phone call or message away, always willing to help.

The Tharretts want to let everyone that is considering fostering know, that offering your home as a safe place is very rewarding, some come for a brief time and some may become permanent, but either way their story is always with you. If you consider fostering and/or adopting, educate yourself, talk to foster parents in your community, take parenting classes, get a support system because there will be good days and hard days, but knowing that you can count on others, alleviates those hard days.

The Tharretts are full of love, compassion and empathy; their heart is fully invested in their call.