Giant Easter Egg Hunt in Benton

Fellowship Kids is planning a Drive-Around Easter Egg Hunt for Easter weekend! Your family can participate in the Egg Hunt anytime April 10, 11, 12. Take some pictures along the hunt and post them to social media with #EasteratFellowship
We hope this will be a memorable way to celebrate Easter as a family and still practice social distancing. We are hiding 8 large wooden eggs for your family to find in the community around the Benton campus. But more than just hunting for eggs, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to talk through the Easter story with your kids.
Download Benton Easter Discussion Guide
The Easter Discussion Guide will help you lead your family through the story of Jesus’ final week and His resurrection!  Use the addresses given to find the eggs in any order. When you find one of the eggs, use the Scripture verses and ask the questions to keep the conversation going while you hunt the next egg.  Keep going until you’ve found all 8 eggs and completed the discussion guide.
Want to make it more challenging for older kids? Before you begin the hunt, download the Benton Clues Sheet. This is a fun puzzle that reveals the egg locations when solved!  (The physical addresses of each location are given for your convenience in the Easter Discussion Guide)
Download Benton Clues Sheet
We want to stress that we want to help you get out of the house but we do not want you to get out of your car. We want to respect the recommendations of local authorities and business owners to limit “gatherings” of any size. If you happen to come across someone you know while on the egg hunt, give them a honk or a wave but please do not leave your vehicle.
Stay safe and have fun celebrating Jesus as our Risen Savior!

How To Love a Foster Family

Our journey in foster care started when we became a foster family support family for some dear friends of ours. We didn’t know exactly what we were doing or what FFSS was, but we jumped in head-first. We learned very quickly what a support family meant, we were just that, a support system for not only the foster parents but the foster children as well.

We spent hours pouring into the beautiful children our friends fostered. We attended Pre-K graduations, birthday parties, had weekend sleep overs with the children, went to the movies, took them to park, went shopping with and for them, went to the lake with them, attended family sessions at play areas. We were there, right along side our friends, loving these sweet children they had in their homes. We were prayer warriors for everyone involved. 72 hours. That is all the time you get to have alone with these sweet children at one time. There are so many things you can do during our time supporting the parents, but more than anything, you are supporting the children. You are a safe adult, someone that they can trust. An adult who is fully invested in them and wants what is best for them.

But let me just say this, when it is time for the children to move on, whether that is going back to bio mom or dad, to another foster family, or to their forever family, you will grieve. You will grieve because you did your job right. It isn’t easy walking that journey along side a foster family, or the children they have for a short time. Some weekends are hard, some are easy. But they are always worth it. Always.

Celebrating the ‘Firsts’

Kaleb had been in foster care for more than 5 years when he was adopted at age 13.  He missed out on a lot of the ‘firsts’ that most kids experience while growing up such as participating in sports and birthday parties.  Kaleb shares below what a difference having a family made in his life:

“Being adopted has changed my life. It had given me the great feeling in the world. I finally have a group that supports me and loves me unconditionally. It means the world to me that they have taken me in and love me like their own. It’s almost like having a dream come true. When I was in foster care, I would want to leave and go somewhere else. But here, I know I never want to leave and I know I never have to leave. I know I won’t have to go from school to school so I can put more effort into my grades. I can have friends and build relationships with teachers and coaches. I can play sports now, and that’s something that I’ve never been able to do before. I’ve had so many firsts since being brought into my family. I had my first birthday party at the age of 13, experienced my first over night stay with friends, experienced my first basketball conference win, and go to my first homecoming.

I was headed down a dark path before i met Mom and Dad. If I hadn’t been adopted I know that I would be on the streets somewhere, probably selling drugs or addicted to them. May possibly even be in jail.
Now I feel like I belong. And I am chosen. Out of all the kids that were up for adoption they picked me. They have continued to show me the love of Christ. Even when I messed up, they didn’t give up on me. God has blessed me beyond what I deserved by giving me this family.”
Please prayerfully consider adopting an older child and give them a chance at having a happy childhood!  If you live in Saline or Perry Counties (Arkansas), please join us for an information meeting to learn more.  Visit our Events page to find the link for upcoming information meetings.

Lemonade Love Stand for Foster Kids in Saline County

Selling lemonade in the front yard is an all-American childhood tradition. As the temperature rises so does entrepreneurship as kids see the opportunity to provide a refreshing drink for their neighbors.  This summer your family’s lemonade stand can also encourage children to have a mission-minded world view and help children in foster care!

In the summer of 2017, a six-year old girl named Kate decided she wanted to do something “to help homeless kids in foster care to find a family!”  It all came together on her neighborhood street in Little Rock when her whole family produced Kate’s Lemonade Stand for Foster Kids.  The stand raised over $300 and went to benefit The CALL in Pulaski County – helping to mobilize the Church in Pulaski County to love foster children with the extravagant love of Christ. That’s Lemonade Love!

This year The CALL in Saline & Perry Counties invite families to join in the fun of this family-oriented, community fund and awareness raising event in July and August.  Each stand will distribute flyers offering the latest stories and statistics on the foster care crisis, encourage generosity by offering lemonade to customers for a donation to help The CALL turn lemons in to lemonade for foster children!  We encourage Lemonade Love Stand operators to make it a family affair by baking treats and snacks, holding a simultaneous yard or garage sale during the stand to draw more traffic.  We will provide yard signs, a poster for your stand, a unique text-to-give code, cups, and a limited number of Chick-fil-A treat coupons for your first customers.  Families provide the creativity and lemonade!

Three gift baskets donated by Chick-fil-A (Reynolds Road)  valued at $100 each (includes free meal coupons!) will be awarded for:

  • Most creative stand
  • Stand that raises the most total donations
  • A drawing for a prize from among all of our stand hosts

Click here to sign up for your Lemonade Love Stand for Foster Kids!