The Phifers: Reunification

“D” was a fragile 3 days old when she joined our family. She was smaller in size for her gestational age. I remember how her clothes would just hang off of her tiny body.  I even remember how she would just lay there, no affect, no movement, just —there. Fast forward 11 months!
She was grabbing at and holding her bottle, completely filling out her 9 months size outfits and shoes and, most importantly, the full laugh that she would giggle whenever her siblings, my other children, were around. She was a pure joy!
Before I met her mom, I was angry with her. Angry that her choices contributed to this baby’s massive struggles. But then I met her! Single mom, displaced from her family, employment, and home. Her disheveled appearance told me that she was even about to be displaced from life! Her anguish forced me to look deeper into my own shortcomings and struggles and all I could see was God’s Grace and Mercy. Honestly a few more bad decisions and I could have been her.
So, I started texting pictures and memo’s of “D” babbling and I began to receive messages that started to speak life. She was regaining her will to succeed. She was pushing forward to getting better and every time she reached a milestone, I would send another image of her daughter.
I remember getting the phone call that said, we will be picking “D” up at 10 on Sunday….a week prior to her birthday.
My heart stopped, because my baby girl was leaving.  Then my heart jumped, because her mom had taken her life back.
So many emotions, so many thoughts.
My takeaway from having the privilege of fostering this baby and her mom into wellness and wholeness is nothing short of the blessing in realizing just how valuable we are to God’s Kingdom! More than compensating for our own loss is the ability to be supporting, loving and compassionate to someone who needs it the most!
*The goal of foster care is to reunify these children with their biological family. The Phifer family is reflecting  the grace and forgiveness that God gives us everyday when they show grace to the biological parents of the children in their care. As we are praying for our foster families we also pray for the biological families to be healed and reunified.

Nicole Carlton- Unexpected Positives


“Adoption is something that has been on my heart since I was a child. My mom was adopted and I knew from a young age it was something I wanted to do. As an adult I became aware of the need for fosters and knew I wanted to do that also. It’s not something I thought I would do as a single woman,  but that is where God has lead me!
Fostering is not always easy. There is frustration and heartache. But there is also so much goodness. When these children are in your care and you see the weight lifted off of them, it is an amazing thing. They know they are safe and loved and are able to just be children. They can grow and thrive in a healthy environment.
The unexpected positive I’ve found in fostering is the people I’ve met along the way. Caseworkers, CASAs, therapists, my Pride training class, Call employees and families, and other fellow foster parents. I have built life long friendships and have an amazing group of people to support me and the kiddos in my care. I have a great support system in my family and friends,  but it’s a blessing to have these people on top of that.  You are not is this alone journey. It’s a beautiful thing.” -Nicole

Shantel Moore: Planting Seeds

“I foster to plant seeds in the life of children. I know that I may not be the one to witness all the seeds grow while they’re in my home. However; I continue planting and have faith that one day seeds of love, hope and confidence will flourish in their lives.” -Shantel
Families like Shantel are sowing broadly among children waiting in foster care.  Today we are praying over those who are planting seeds and patiently waiting even though they may not see the fruits of their labor. Today we are praying over the faithful because we know they are impacting lives even though they may not see it.

The Stracener Family: The Final Puzzle Piece


Fostering our now adopted daughter has changed our family so much!!! She has truly been the final piece to complete this “Stracener” puzzle. Has every step been easy — absolutely not. BUT it has been soooooo worth it!!! Helping children become who God intends for them to be is the Greatest Blessing ever!!”  –Christine


Fostering children can radically change a family for the better! We are so thankful for families like the Straceners who opened their hearts and their home for waiting children.

The Davault Family: Fostering Teenagers

It’s National Foster Care Awareness Month and we want to celebrate our foster families! One of our families who love fostering teenagers is the Davault Family! David and Tiffany, along with their kids Andrew and Emily, know from great experience just how immensely the time in their home has affected the teenagers who have lived there.

“Our home was open approximately 3 1/2 years. Our desire was to foster teenagers; so during that time we had 6 teenagers placed in our home for and average of 253 days each. Our longest placement lasted 2 1/2 years and the shortest lasted only 7 hours! Teenagers are a wild ride, but it is exciting to see them achieve goals and to cheer them on.”

– Tiffany

Fostering teenagers definitely has its unique challenges. But along with those unique challenges are unique joys! We have a HUGE need in Arkansas for homes to foster teenagers. Will you answer the call and open your home to one of the many teenagers in need?