The need in Pope County

Thank you to Sorrells Body Shop for their generous donation to The CALL in Pope County!!! We couldn’t do what we do without support from our community!!!

Like every county in Arkansas, there is an urgent need for foster and adoptive homes here in Pope County. The number of children in foster care in our county greatly exceeds the number of foster homes we have available to care for them. As of June 2017, there are approximately 100 kids in foster care in Pope County with only 25 foster homes available to care for them. These children need a loving home in a community that is familiar to them.

God has given the Church an amazing approach to caring for local children in foster care and those available for adoption. If just one family from each church in Pope County became a foster family, we would have an abundant supply of open homes for our local kids.

If you are interested in learning more about fostering, adopting or volunteering, please join us at our next informational meeting on Monday, July 31st at 6:00 p.m. at the The Christian & Missionary Alliance Church of Russellville (800 East 16th St., just down from the Boys & Girls Club).

Hope and a future

With over 5,000 children in foster care and less than 2,000 foster homes, Arkansas is in a crisis. Since 2014, the number of children in foster care has steadily increased. The State of Arkansas is scratching its head, trying to figure out what to do about the problem.

James 1:27 states, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.”

Since 2007, The CALL has gone into churches to challenge people to do one of two things: Foster or support those who are able to foster. Little by little, The CALL breaks down the barriers that have kept people from fostering for so long. Over the past 10 years, The CALL has answered the hard questions for numerous families. Once those questions were answered, many families were ready to start the foster care/adoption process.

The Bible tells us the church is the answer, so that is where The CALL starts. We go into churches and host recruitments. We share our hearts and the need for foster families and challenge people to support foster families. Then, it is up to the churches. We host an informational meeting for interested couples to hear more about becoming a foster or adoption family.

Potential families have to complete a massive amount of paperwork, 30 hours of training, CPR, and more in order to open up as a foster or adoption home. Without The CALL, these families would be left to navigate the process by themselves. Many families who do this on their own quit or take longer to open because of the lack of support. The CALL guides families through this process, answering any questions and helping iron out wrinkles.

Once a foster family is open, The CALL becomes a part of their village. The CALL Mall helps families with clothes, baby furniture, diapers, and other necessities at no cost. The CALL stays in touch with these families to ensure they have what they need physically, emotionally, and spiritually to be great foster parents.

In the past 10 years, The CALL has helped open over 1,161 foster homes and 369 adoption homes. Over 501 children have been adopted by families supported by The CALL.

When you become a foster parent or volunteer with The CALL or donate to The CALL, you are making a difference locally. You can see the fruits of your labor because the foster children you pour your life into will grow up to be contributing members of your community.
There is a great need for foster families, but we understand that not every is called or able to foster. Even if you cannot foster, there’s still something you can do. If it takes a village to raise a family, it takes an entire church to support a foster family. The CALL needs people willing to donate their time, talent, and resources to help us eliminate the crisis in Arkansas. Do you have an extra hour a week? Can you help out a few hours a month or maybe more? If so, check out the volunteer page to find out where you can get plugged in. The CALL has a place for you.

Can’t foster or volunteer? Donate. The CALL is a non-profit organization and we cannot do anything to support these families without the financial support of generous individuals and churches.

We are not all meant to do the same thing, but we are all supposed to do something.

First foster family opened in Pope County

Greg and Day Burns were the first foster family to open their home through The CALL in Pope County in March of 2014. I have known this wonderful couple for two years and have never ceased to be amazed by their love, passion and encouragement for each other and those in the community.

They continually choose to focus on the positive and embrace the chaos that comes with receiving a new child into their home. As Day says, they are learning their “new normal” and are enjoying every minute of it. They continually pour their life, love and prayers into each new little life that walks through their doors–a lesson we could all stand to learn or at least take a refresher course in!

We are so thankful for Day and Greg and the many other foster and adoptive parents in our community for opening their homes and hearts to the waiting children of Pope County and Arkansas.

Grant helps improve presentations

Pope County Giving Tree Grant ceremony

In April of 2014, The CALL in Pope County was blessed to be a recipient of a Giving Tree Grant provided by The Arkansas Community Foundation in Pope County.

This grant will be used to purchase a laptop, projector, portable screen, speakers and any other technology-related items to help informational and training meetings in Pope County run more smoothly.

The executive director of The Pope County Community Foundation also asked us to give a short talk about what The CALL is about and how it is affecting our community. Because of the number of other grant recipients that were present at the reception, we were able to share the message of The CALL with a wide variety of community organizations.

The CALL in Pope County receives a Giving Tree Grant