Thank you so much to all of the churches and individuals that donated diapers, wipes and even new clothing and shoes to us this month. We received donations from Woodrow Baptist, Quitman First Baptist, Pleasant Ridge General Baptist, St. Albert’s Episcopal, Heber Springs FUMC, and Kristin Long. As you can see, our diaper/wipe drive was an awesome success!!


Meet our newest PRIDE training graduates!!

Ralph and Cristen Burton, Bill and Wanda Stubbs, Shane and Ashley Mason, & Gordon and Michelle Eichelberger. They will still have a few more steps to go, but the bulk of their certification process is over. Soon, they will be open Foster and/or Adoptive homes! We thank God for continuing to send us compassionate, passionate, selfless, moms and dads who listen to His call and make a difference in these kids’ lives everyday!!


Thank you to Holiday Hills Methodist Church in Greers Ferry for hosting our July support and informational meeting and providing childcare and dinner for us. Pastor Dan Brand and his church offered us some awesome hospitality!! We had a great meeting and can’t wait for next month!!


I love it when I get to a CALL informational meeting and see new families arrive eager to learn more about foster and/or adoption! The meeting presents the basics of foster parenting and how to get started. Fortunately, we have a time limit or I would talk on into the night! However PRIDE, our foster parent training classes, are even more exciting! I join in on this group on their final day of training along with a panel of seasoned foster parents. This is when it really gets fun! The families are tired from the two full weekends of training, but they are also hungry. Their eyes have been opened to greater needs. Their hearts have been softened to the biological families involved. The misconceptions and fears of the children in foster care have being replaced with a greater understanding of the root of the behaviors and the need for healing homes. The seasoned foster parents come in laughing and joking about the highs and lows of foster parenting. They show the newbies that it doesn’t take a superhero to be a foster parent! Not one foster parent in the room had regretted stepping forward into OBEDIENCE. Instead they all say it is a JOY!

Come be a part of what God is doing to take care of his children. Our dream is to have more than enough homes for children in foster care, so that no child is waiting for a home. “Will you answer the CALL?”