Meet our new Cleburne County Coordinator

I am humbled to have been given this tremendous opportunity and excited about what the future holds. Together with my husband and children, I’ve served as a missionary to the people of Peru, and as a missionary to the people groups living in Memphis, including those from Spanish speaking countries, Arab countries, West Africa, and Vietnam. And now the Lord has led me to a completely unexpected mission field: mobilizing the church in Cleburne county to love children in foster care with the extravagant love of Christ.

Right now, there are 31 children in foster care in our county and 18 foster homes to care for them. It’s my goal to not only show love to these kids but to also love and support the families that care for them. Foster care is hard work, but it is kingdom work. I would like to tell you that our goal is to end the need for foster care, but I can’t. As long as we live in a fallen world the need will always be there. I can, however, assure you that I will do everything possible to make sure that children who come under our care not only receive the physical, emotional, and social support that they so desperately need, but they will be placed in homes where Jesus is worshiped, the gospel is treasured, and the Bible lived out. After all, foster care is a gospel issue. We do what we do because Jesus did what he did.

We have big plans for 2018, and big plans require a strong, unified team. I am grateful those who have worked tirelessly for these kids long before I was a part, and I am thrilled by the leadership team the Lord has put into place. You’ll see below that the month of February was a busy one, and March will be no different. March 9th was our first ever prayer vigil in Cleburne County and it was a huge success!! There is no more important work that we do than pray for these kids. The Lord hears and responds to the prayers of his people.

I look forward to serving you all as county coordinator. Thank you for all you do.

~Amanda Bush


We were thrilled to have Arkansas Governor Hutchinson along with State Senator Missy Irvin, Heber Springs Mayor Jimmy Clark, Cleburne County Judge Jerry Holmes meet with DCFS and The CALL team in Cleburne County to see first hand the incredible work that is going on in our area. Governor Hutchinson heard about recruiting, training and supporting local foster and adoptive families, ministering to biological families, serving our local partners at DCFS and about building lasting relationships with teens through our mentoring program. This is what being the hands and feet of Jesus is all about and we were so honored to have these incredible people come and listen to our praises and concerns. Thank you Governor Hutchinson for your support and dedication to the children in Arkansas.


Thank you to Angie Mix owner of Angie’s Hideaway restaurant in Heber Springs for donating gift certificates to each of our foster parents for a special valentines dinner!!


It was amazing to see so many gathered to intercede in prayer on behalf of children in foster care and those waiting for a forever home. Thank you to those that took the time last night to commit to being a voice for these children. Our work is nothing unless prayer is our foundation. We are grateful to be in a county that supports foster care and that we were able to hold our Prayer Vigil on the lawn of the courthouse. Thank you to our leadership team who worked hard preparing this event. Thank you to Shane Parish, Andrea Riggs, and Taylor Tubbs for providing worship music. Thank you Cleburne County Judge Jerry Holmes for being bold and sharing his testimony with us. Thank you to new Cleburne County Coordinator, Amanda Bush for her powerful speech given. Thank you to Pastor Brad Johnson for reading scripture and leading us in guided prayer. Lastly, thank you again to City Gate Church for letting us set up the Heart Gallery so everyone was able to take a look at the photographs of children waiting for their forever home in Arkansas. This was a powerful evening and we know that God hears the cries of His people. Please continue to lift up children in foster care in prayer as well as every person involved in their lives.
“The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry.” Psalm 34:15