Adoption Celebration

Jeremy and Genie Humphries have been fostering in Union County for the past two years, they have given unconditional love and care to many. Their daughter has been an important part of their fostering life, she has been always loving, helpful and caring. The love of this family for foster kids is evident in their actions. They always are willing to help; not only the kids that have entered their home, but also other foster kids and foster families in the community.

We are full of joy to announce the adoption of a precious little boy by The Humphries.

On September 1st, Jeremy and Genie Humphries adopted a baby boy that has been in their home for 345 days. Although he has spent days in hospital, many appointments and check ups, he has been conquering challenge after challenge. His parents and sister have been there to help him overcome anything coming his way.

We are very happy for The Humphries and for Carter. He is a precious boy loved by everyone who gets to meet him. He brings so much joy.

Congratulations Jeremy, Genie, Anna Grace and Carter.