God Has A Job For Us To Do

Dave and Eileen Moore

David and Eileen Moore
Boone & Newton Counties
Foster family

Our son and his wife began fostering almost six years ago in Kansas City. We supported them as best we could at a long distance, and when David and I retired, we thought we could be foster grandparents in this area.

Get connected with a foster family. Babysit an hour or two once in a while. Maybe an overnight. Just a little help.

I contacted The CALL and found out we needed to be trained to do that. So, we took the training and got our house opened. Just for emergency. Just for respite. No big deal!

Our house opened on September 22nd, and that night we got a call to take a 2 ½ year old girl and a 2 month old boy. Within about 4 hours, David told the caseworker that we would keep them until they had a permanent placement. Six months later, they went to live with their grandparents. Thus, our adventure began.

Since that time we have had 28 children from 4 days old to 18 years old. All we can say is that this is a God-thing. Nothing that we planned or dreamed about. Nothing in our nature or interest — just a God-thing. God has moved in amazing ways by providing furniture, clothes, and toys through The CALL, as well as compassion, understanding and coping skills within ourselves. David has been given such a heart for these children, and it is evident in his interaction and concern for each one.

Only God can make us cry once a day when they are with us and twice a day when they leave. We are beginning year four and not quite ready to stop. God still has a job for us to do.

David and Eileen

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