Forever Changed For The BEST!

Meeks family

David, Naomi, JD, Esther, Ben, Sarah, Zach, Matthew, Jacob, and Noah Meeks
Conway & Faulkner Counties
Foster and adoptive family

The Call has been an incredible asset to us throughout the past 4 1/2 years. The training is streamlined, the support is unmatched, and the friendships we have formed will not be forgotten. Our family has been forever changed for the absolute best!

My husband and I became a foster home through The Call in the fall of 2014, after years of infertility and a failed private adoption. We initially wanted to adopt only, but after sitting through the informational meeting, we knew we wanted to foster and adopt sibling groups. The thought of siblings being placed in different homes from each other after being separated from their parents absolutely broke me. Our first placement was the day we were officially opened and was a sibling set of 3 brothers ages 1, 2, and 3 years. We fostered them for 15 months before adopting them November of 2015.

We knew that we were not done with our journey and stayed open as a foster home. We fostered 13 more children before deciding to open as an adoptive home only. We texted our caseworkers to let them know of our desire to change our status, and they were very supportive of our decision. One of our caseworkers texted an hour later and said that she had another case headed towards termination.

It was a sibling group of 5, and something sounded familiar about them. After more inquiries, we discovered that these children used to ride our church bus on Sundays and I had several of them in my Sunday School nursery class. We did our best to keep up with them while they were in foster care but lost track of them after a year or so. The following week, we attended a birthday party where we ran into them. The two oldest ones remembered us and gave us the biggest hugs. We knew then that we would do what we could to get these kids and leave the rest up to God.

A few weeks later we heard that we were approved as an adoptive home for them. They moved in during Christmas break, and we were able to spend Christmas together as a family of 10. We officially adopted them on July 3rd, and we are so happy. Life with 8 children between the ages of 2-8 years is crazy, loud, and fun but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you to everyone at The Call for everything you do! We appreciate you and pray for you every day!

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