Lauri Currier, Executive Director, The CALL

Lauri Currier
Executive Director

Dear Friend,

We live in a crazy-busy, chaotic world, don’t we? I used to think that my busyness was an indication that I was accomplishing a lot and being super effective.

But now, I’m looking at life through the eyes of a grandmother, and God is teaching me to see things differently. I am learning to slow down, to focus on what’s important, to be present in the moment, to love generously, and to practice gratitude.

Did you know that gratitude is good for your brain? It’s true! Gratefulness helps us sleep better; reduces anxiety, stress and depression; reduces our physical pain and give us energy and vitality. There is indisputable evidence that gratitude benefits our bodies, minds, and souls.

Today, I am counting YOU among the things I am grateful for. I thank God for how he uniquely designed you, equipped you, and moved you to be part of this ministry that is His idea. You make it possible for children and youth in foster care to experience Christ’s extravagant love in the homes of the Christian families.

I invite you to bask in the glory of all that God did through The CALL last year. The 2017 Annual Report celebrates YOU and your extravagant love! I hope our appreciation for you shines through its pages.

Whether you support The CALL financially, serve as a volunteer, or provide a healing home for kids in care, your contributions are changing lives. You are making a difference. I’m praising the Lord for you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And as always, I’d be grateful for your continued prayers for the resources to expand and sustain The CALL across Arkansas, for the Church to hear and respond to the needs of children and youth in care, and for leaders and volunteers to emerge to continue the mission.

God bless you,
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