OLD POST Local support is there for us

For one, we can text them day or night and they are willing to give us encouraging words and join us in prayer. They help us find respite care when we need a break. When it gets really rough they have someone bring us a meal. They also get us connected with another foster family or professional that may be able to give us insight to help. They have provided much through The CALL Mall. They invest in us personally so that they know us and how to help our family. Support Group meetings have been very helpful.
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

Support OLD POST

The support that The CALL brings. We weren’t doing it alone and it brought people in our lives who actually understood. That was huge for me!
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

A great experience

Knowing I passed and my home will be open soon to help foster and adopt… Just knowing I’m following my heart. This is what God lay on my heart to do and it’s been a great experience.
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

County support

The Facebook page for our local county is invaluable. It’s where we can post any question, praise, frustration… anything, and there is always someone to answer. It really feels like a community of like-minded people, something that’s hard to find among those who aren’t involved in foster care. Our county coordinators are amazing and bend over backwards to make sure our families have whatever they need. Also, The CALL Mall is a wonderful resource for physical needs of foster children.
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

Life saver

The CALL had been very supportive. They have been a life saver in all requests made regarding the needs of the children by providing clothing, school supplies, respite, toys, support groups, Christmas gifts and many more needs.
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)


Being able to adopt Kendall & MaKayla. It’s hard to believe the changes we saw when those two precious kids knew that they were ours forever. And as icing on the cake, both of them formed a personal relationship with Christ within the 1st six months of being in our home — everything it took to get to that point was worth it for that to happen!
— Adoptive parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

Lives changed

To see the two boys we ended up adopting overcome their struggles and become such a loving part of our every day lives.
— Adoptive parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

Statewide Summit VII

The CALL Statewide Summit 2015Statewide Summit VII – 2 day planning and equipping meeting October 2 & 3, 2015.

Participants at The CALL 2015 Statewide Summit

On Friday over 80 volunteers and staff of The CALL and our partners at DCFS worked collaboratively and celebrated successes from 2014 & 2015; and to set goals for 2016 to open 730 new foster homes.

The CALL 2015 Statewide Summit participants

Jason Weber speaking at The CALL Statewide Summit breakoutOn Saturday, Jason Weber, the Director of CAFO’s National Foster Care Initiative, was our Keynote Speaker for over 70 volunteers and staff from throughout the state.

In addition to the keynote on Saturday, we offered 18 equipping workshops featuring 19 different speakers for affiliate leadership and volunteers.

Our first placement

We had a 3 yr old (our first placement) for a year and half. He was definitely a handful, but always has a smile on his face. He and two of his siblings were placed with an adoptive family in February and the adoption is set to be finalized in three weeks. We watched this little boy grow from a toddler with a potty mouth to talking about loving Jesus and having him in his heart.
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

HOPE Conference

2015 Hope Conference

The CALL partnered with the Central Arkansas Orphan Coalition, and provided leadership and administrative support for HOPE Conference 2015 at Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock on March 6 & 7.

HOPE Conference 2015 provided support and continuing education for over 300 foster and adoptive families from around the state of Arkansas.

Connecting at the 2015 Hope Conference

Questions answered

The availability of CALL personnel for constant contact. Any question I had, I just called and they either answered my questions or quickly found the answers.
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)


Ann and Haley have also responded when I reached out with a question, concern or problem. Their response time is amazing, their concern is sincere and their advice is always sought.
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)


Reuniting my first placement with his mom and knowing she was going to do a great job! Continuing to keep in contact with her and enjoying watching them both grow!
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

Info meetings

Through the year, 103 Info Meetings were held in churches around Arkansas. A total of 790 families attended, learning about how they can be part of solving the crisis in foster care in our state.

New perspective

Seeing their progress. For one, it was simply seeing him feel at ease with us and feeling comfortable. For another, it’s learning to do things (that shouldn’t be an issue for a child his age) and make huge strides in his abilities. Mostly, I really like seeing them as they start to see the world through a new perspective.
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

Fast training

The training process with Elizabeth Glass of The CALL was the best part of our certification. Elizabeth provided our training as soon as possible. The training was the fastest part of the process! We learned a lot!
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)

All in

The condensed training was what pushed us to move forward. Once we prayerfully decided to foster we couldn’t get through training and paperwork fast enough. We were ‘all in’ so to speak.
— Foster parent (from 2015 foster parent survey)