2016 Honorariums

Given by Brenda Allen in honor of Bobby & Candice Nutt

Given by AR Association For Infant Mental Health, Inc. in honor of Nick & Amber Sartain – AAIMH Foster Family of the Year

Given by Karla Booe in honor of Bryn Bagwell

Given by Keith and Terry Broach in honor of Charles & Ginger Blue

Given by Andrew and Leigh Bunten in honor of The Jackson Family

Given by Robert and LeAnne Burch in honor of Dr. Bobby Burch

Given by Thomas Burchfield in honor of Steve & Shelli Helms

Given by Paul and Wendy Cadell in honor of Courtlyn Cadell

Given by Matthew and Marie Charton in honor of Josiah & Abigail Burchfield

Given by Robert and Verdie Daniels in honor of Barbara McClintock

Given by EBI Medical Informatics in honor of Teri Hunt

Given by Chuck and Mary Fowler in honor of Jonathan & Emily Baird

Given by Chuck and Mary Fowler in honor of Brian & Ashley Baird

Given by Ashlyn Gagnon in honor of Jaclyn Williams

Given by Robert and Pamma Henderson in honor of Sherry DeClerk

Given by Jeff and Lacey Hines in honor of David Fox

Given by Daniel & Jessaca and Kaitlynn Hope in honor of Jimmy & Tayia

Given by Beckie Kennedy in honor of Herb & Pat Louks

Given by Cassandra Ketrick in honor of The Brackett Family

Given by Charlie and Dona Kinslow in honor of Blake & Mischa Martin

Given by Adrien and Jennifer Kitchen in honor of “Big Bill”

Given by Michael and Jennifer Legate in honor of families that open their homes for the orphans of Saline County

Given by Margaret Leveille in honor of Lisa McGee

Given by John and Roberta Long in honor of The Dodson Family

Given by Robert and Shelly McConnell in honor of Connor Trent & Aiden Roberts

Given by McConnell & Son, Inc. in honor of Gus & Timothy McConnell

Given by Sid and Beth Moore in honor of Michael Chastain / In Honor of Dana Tull

Given by George and Cindy Murphy in honor of Lisa McGee

Given by Karla Pace in honor of Duwayne & Gloria Pennington

Given by Karla Pace in honor of Betty Fuqua

Given by Donna Patchin in honor of Rebekah Patchin

Given by Andrew and Melissa Patterson in honor of Josiah & Abigail Burchfield

Given by Betty Plemmons in honor of The Plemmons and Powell Family

Given by Paige Revis in honor of David Revis Enterprises

Given by Harold and Libby Roller in honor of Dr. John Herring

Given by Stephen and Ann Rowell in honor of Lauri Currier

Given by Darren and Megan Scott in honor of Karen Langston

Given by Ben and Robin Seymore in honor of Lora Stephens

Given by Dennis and Faith Smith in honor of Tiffany Smith

Given by Shelley Smith in honor of Emma West

Given by Candy Snellgrove in honor of Coach Jake Lee and Family

Given by Rebecca Spencer in honor of Deborah West

Given by BJ and Beth Stracener in honor of Drew Stracener

Given by Natalie and Kevin Tibbs in honor of V. Hood

Given by Bob and Patsy Wright in honor of adopted daughter Marianne W. Satterfield

Given by Cynthia Young in honor of The Young Family

Given by Mary Carole Young in honor of Jennifer Maune