Individual partners

Jim and Linda Achard
Helen and Mary Adams
Larry Joe and Mary Lou Adams
Lance and Melinda Adams
Shirley Adams
Robert and Kathy Adams
Michael and Kelli Adkins
Alicia Agent
Miranda Ainsworth
Paul and Lori Akers
Cindy Akin
Mike and Rosey Alexander
Brian and Cynthia Alexander
EJ and Margaret Alexander
Eva Allen
Brenda Allen
Dave and Jan Allmendinger
Kyle and Robyn Allmendinger
Terry and Carol Allmon
Margaret Alphin
Mo and Debbie Amani
Joel and Ann Anderson
Lonnie Anderson
Marvin and Tommie Anderson
Brad and Nedra Angell
Anthony and Jamie Anston
Bobby and Genice Applegate
Leslie and Cheryl Arnold
Lee and Tiffany Aronson
Amanda Asberry
Kim Asther
Don and Linda Asther
Charles and Cynthia Austin
Phil and Annette Avery
Kyla Aycock
Warren and Stacie Aylor
Diane Ayres
Stacey Bailey
Tim and Connie Bailey
Sherman Bain
Adam and Chrystal Baker
James and Patsy Baxter
Bobetta and Scott Baker
Patti Baker
Brian and Mandy Baker
Mike Balazic
Rodney and Carol Balderree
Darrick and Carrie Ball
Ben and Laura Bandimere
Nancy Barber
Donald and Eva Barnas
Blair Barnhill
David and Rebecca Barton
Anna Barton
Tery and Mary Baskin
Lanessa Bass
Holly Bass
Robert and Tammy Bateman
Mark and Debra Bates
James and Alene Baumgardner
David Baxley
John and Melissa Baxter
Arthur and Betty Beach
Robert and Casey Beard
Eli and Karyn Beard
Carl and Beverly Bear
Tim and Stephanie Beasley
Justin and Melissa Beatty
Michael and Jessica Belote
Mary Benson
Mary Bentley
Robert and Chessie Berg
Thomas and Faith Best
Bruce and Suzanne Bethell
Kevin and Kasie Birdwell
Jerry and Rodney Bise
Mona Bisping
Pam and Marlys Bitner
Lukaya Bittle
Aaron and Karen Black
Tuesday Blair
Missy Blakely
Shannon Blatt
Ryan Blue
Amy Blue
Gary and Cindy Blunier
Robin Bohra
Tim Bolin
Josh and Teresa Bond
David and Celia Bond
Karla Booe
Judi Booth
Scott and Allison Booth
Rebecca Booth
Boyd and Camie Boshears
James and Claudia Bourne
Felicia Bowker
Chris and Addrienne Boyler
Marilyn Bradham
Tom and Leigh Ann Brannon
Brad and Jill Brannon
Ben and Laura Brantmeier
Douglas and Camille Braswell
Deborah Bratton
Rodney and Michelle Brazeal
Jeremy and Diana Braziel
Chris and Carolyn Brazil
Blake and Ali Breeding
James and Niki Brenton
Paul and Tracy Bridges
Allen and Vicki Bridges
Ellis and Nancy Brisher
John Ralph and Anne Broadwater
Anthony and Sheila Brooks
Robin Brown
Kirk and Amber Brown
Jerel and Kathleen Brown
Jared and Taylor Brown
Ryan and Haley Brown
L.S. and Belinda Brown
Jeff and Tammy Bruce
Susan Brucker
Warren and Shawnee Bruffett
Keith and Linda Bruns
Kyle and Megan Bruso
Joe and Cognac Bryant
Alan and Jessica Bubbus
Charles and Abigail Buchanan
Antone and Joanne Bucher
Thomas Burchfield
Jordy and Halee Burchfield
Steve and Janelle Burch
Toby and Charla Burkett
Dan Burnett
Lance and Amy Burns
Hannah Burton
Frederick and Sandra Buse
Grady and Sarah Butler
Kristin Butler
Paul and Wendy Cadell
Barry and Lisa Cameron
Cathy Canitz
G J Cantey
Tony and Laura Carden
Rufus and Madelyn Carlock
Brian and Dawne Carroll
Cathy Cash
Robert and Ronda Castiglione
Brooklin Castleberry
Shawn and Jan Cathey
Bobby and Donna Caughron
Michael and Mindy Cauthron
Jacob and Alisha Cersovsky
Brenda Chambliss
Sharon Champlin
Allison Chandler
Marcus and Myra Chapa
Stephen and Caitlin Chapman
Cheryl Chapman
Nicholoas and Casey Chastain
Michael and Amy Chastain
Zach and Emily Cheatham
Airl and Elizabeth Cheek
Mark and Jennifer Cherry
Guy Choate
Arkom Chollapand
Melissa Chu
Terry and Noelle Ciganek
Greg and Carol Clark
Zack Clark
Albert and Tammy Clark
Suzanne Clark
Floyd and Carmen Clark
Steven and Jamie Clark
Cody Clark
Staci Claunch
Johnny and Carol Clayton
James and Marcia Clayton
Tommy and Lori Clements
Freeling and Betty Clower
Tyler and Lora Cloyde
Cameo Club
Chris and Brandi Cobb
Chris Cobb
Brandon and Jessica Cochenour
Skip Coffman
Megan Cole
Ralph and Melissa Cole
Donna Coleman
Seth Coleman
Brad and Cara Coleman
Donnie Collins
Jon Comstock
Keith and Debbie Conine
Erin and Craig Conner
Michael and Elizabeth Connery
Charles and Brandi Connor
Victoria Cook
Justin and Jennifer Cook
Jana Cook
Dennis and Kris Cooper
Bob and Janet Copeland
Scott and Johnnie Copeland
Orrin and Deborah Corwin
Jeff and Treeca Dyer Cotton
Crystal Cotton
David Courtney
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Covay
Whitney Covington
David and Amanda Coyle
Pamela Coyle
Jana Crain
David and Rebecca Cranford
Wayne and Michelle Cranford
Robert H. and Nadi Crank
K.B. Crawford
Travis Crawford
Mark and Candice Creason
Dana Crenshaw
Becky Crenshaw
Rob and Julie Cress
Brian and Beth Cress
CP and Vena Crippen
Danny Crow
Joe and Alice Cruse
Brent and Tracy Cryder
Steven and Kelley Cullen
Cleophas Culp
Edwina Cummings
Rebekah Curl
Jacqueline Currie
Phillip and Lauri Currier
Randy and Gayla Currier
Peggy Curtis
Heather Curtis
Keith and Alexandra Dake
Douglas Damron
David and Ashley Daniel
Robert and Verdie Daniels
Steven and Susan Dardas
Rodney and Vicki Dardenne
John and Pamela Daugherty
David and Tiffany Davault
Tom and Michelle Davenport
Jerry and Cheryl Ann Davis
Ashley Davis
Greg and Pam Davis
Jerry and Mary Davis
Randell and Tesia Davis
Melanie Davis
Jerry Davis
Lloyd and Nwamaka Dawson
Daniel and Christina Decker
Chris and Kalah Deitrick
Matthew and Sandra De Luca
Bill and Bernadette Dempsey
Jonathan and Leah Dennis
Michelle DeRose
Melva Derrickson
Branden and Julia DesCarpentrie
Christian and Sarah Devries
Tony and Sharon Dibble
Steve and Kimberly Dills
Mike and Peyton Dobrovich
Joey and Sadie Dodson
Diana Dominguez
Joe and Kristy Donahue
Sam and Becky Donaldson
Mary Dooley
John and Michelle Douglas
Happy Douglas
Cody and Carly Douglas
Joe and Jane Doyle
Jim and Tami Draper
Gerald and Angela Driskill
Kerri Dudeck
Bobby and Jessica Dugger
Troy and Shannon Duke
Jody Duke
Don and Georgia Dukes
Mike and Shawn Duncan
Kevin and Angie Dunlap
Garland and Sarah Dunlap
Joe and Holly Dunn
Maverick and Kathy Sloan Dunn
Dewayne and Shannon Durden
Benjamin and Kathryn Dykes
John and Beverly Eads
Chris and Nataleigh Eaves
Sarah Edwards
Beth Eggers
Lindsey Eibel
John and Jennife Ekeanyanwu
Virginia Elam
John and Michelle Elders
Samuel and Mary Eldred
Bill and Angela Elizandro
Robert and Melanie Elliott
Ellen Engle
Tanja Enoch
Michael and Ashley Escue
Gail Eubanks
Mike Evans
Calvin Evans
James and Ladonna Evans
Lewis and Martha Everett
Randy and Emily Evers
Daniel and Wendy Evert
Betina Fair
Janette L. Fall
Clark and Mary Catherine Faulkner
David and Jennifer Felio
Gail and Mark Feling
Max and Patti Ferguson
David and Frances Ferguson
Roy and Patricia Ferrell
Charles and Carol Fincher
William and Cynthia Fink
Stephen and Britney Finley
Nathanael and Jennifer Finley
Jim and Ashley Finton
Kris and Lisa Fischer
Daniel and Amy Flanigan
Timothy and Janis Fleming
Shawn and April Fletcher
Gary and Jeannie Fletcher
James and Susan Flowers
Winston and Mary Ned Foster
Harry and Jo Ann Foster
Robert and Karen Foster
Barbara Fouts
David and Kristie Fox
Patsy Fox

Joni Fox
Terry Fox
Virginia Frank
Ray and Ardith Franklin
Matt and Karen Fraser
Rachel Freeman
Bobby Freeman
Clay and Natalie Freeman
Steve and Sharon Freeman
Michael and Lori Freeze
Jim and Linda French
Polly Fricke
Jon David and Kristi Fuller
Stephen and Stacy Fulmer
Matt and Cheryl Fulton
Holly and Charles Funderburk
Bradford and Carrie Gaines
Natasha Gallaty
Wayne and Martha Gammon
Gautam and Cindy Gandhi
Troy and Billie Garlin
Gary and Megan Garrison
Eric and Melinda Gatheright
Van and Candy Gearhart
Renee Gentry-Head
Daniel and Amber George
Micah and Lindsey Gibson
Stephen and Regina Gideon
Luke and Sydney Gilbert
Chris and Stephanie Giles
Jeremiah and Meredith Ginn
Michael and Madelyn Ginsberg
Deborah Sue Glass
Eddie Glover
Phillip and Starla Goad
Rachel Goettl
Adam and Rachel Golden
Brian and Johnna Goodman
Matthew and Lindsey Goodwin
Michael and Ann Goodwin
Daniel and Shaunda Goodwin
Otis Gordon
W.A. and Teresa Gorman
Shauna Gould
Christine Goulet
Jeff and Maureen Grace
Kenneth and Susan Grady
Waldemar and Vera Grafals
Milton and Jaqueline Graham
Lindsey Graham
Michael and Amber Graham
Daniel and Glenda Graham
Barbara Graham
Jay and Dana Graves
David and Sandy Gray
Rebecca Grear
Reed and Therese Green
Gary and Judi Green
Justin and Amy Green
Cory and Melissa Green
Victor and Mary Green
Kenneth and Susan Gregory
Tim and Elizabeth Griffin
Susan Griffin
Courtney Griffith
Peggy Grifth
Raymond and Donna Gross
Glenn and Janet Grossman
Karen Hacskaylo
Laura Hahn
Barry and Charlotte Hall
Steven Hall
Robert and Kathleen Halliburton
Ross and Heather Halsted
Julia Hamilton
Jared and Natalie Hankins
Robert and Chana Hanle
Johnny and Donna Hanry
Benita Hardister
Bobby and Brenda Hargis
John and Linda Kay Hargrave
Ramona Harper
Scott Harper
John and Michelle Harp
Suzanne Harrell
Joshua and Makayla Harrell
Nathan and Nicole Harris
Emily Harris
Melvin and Donnetta Harris
RayBob and Laura Harrison
Stephen and Haley Harrison
Alan and Gaye Harrison
Anthony Harrison
Dan and Marla Hartman
Jay and Exa Hartman
Tiffany Hartwig
Toby and Teresa Hatfield
Ken and Sharon Hawk
Sara and Jean Hawkins
Nolan and Misty Hawkins
Ray and Cheri Hayes
Joe and Pat Hays
Joe and Pamela Hebert
Glenda and Jackie Hefley
Sam and Patty Heird
Steve and Debra Helms
Anthony and Carla Hendricks
Zac and Mary Hendricks
Jon and Denise Hendrickson
Marissa Henley
Patrick and Carrie Henry
Bruce and Laura Henry
Lee and Andrea Henson
John and Ashley Herring
James Hess
Marion and Virginia Hester
Jonathan and Carmen Hetzel
Lyn and Maggie Hicks
Michael and Paula Higgins
Keith and Rhonda Hill
Daniel and Natalie Hill
Russell Hill
James and Elizabeth Hill
Robert and Melanie Hilt
Philip and Laura Hindman
Gary and Katherine Hines
Daniel and Jodie Hinkson
Eric and Krista Hinson
LewisRay and Debra Hobbs
John Hochhalte
Julia Hodge
Tim and Cindy Hodnett
Brett and Jamie Holiman
Sandy and Mac Holleman
Clark and Julia Hollingsworth
Brian and Connie Holstein
Curt and Allison Holton
Paul and Franshel Horney
Chris and Connie Horton
Susan Howard
Eric and Fran Howard
Bill and Betty Huber
William and Tamra Huber
David and Lauren Huckabee
Ralph and Lisa Hudson
Elden and Sandra Hudson
Elmer and Lerita Huff
Mendel and Stephanie Hughes
Celeste Humphrey
Brian and April Hunt
Keith and Regina Hunter
John and Rebecca Hunter
Joshua and Julie Hurlburt
Amanda Hurst
Deborah Hurt
Tyler and Faye Husser
Nathan Hutchins
Blake and Sarah Hutchins
Patricia Hyatt
Kibo and Casey Hyman
Melissa Inglet
Farris and Laura Jackson
Clayton and Lauren Jackson
Kathy Jackson
Greg and Analucia Jackson
Remo and Lynn Jacuzzi
Brent and Elizabeth James
Michael and Denya James
David and Linda Jardine
Cynthia Jauch
Roger and Jill Jenkins
Henry and Connie Jezierski
Cheri Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Robert and Tina Johnson
John and Debbie Johnson
Melanie Johnson
Steven and Jennifer Johnston
Ted and Lori Jolley
Roy and Carolyn Jolley
Claes and Diane Jonasson
Keith and Natasha Jones
Brian and Karen Jones
Teresa Jones
Danny and Connie Jones
James and Rebecca Jones
Ronnie and Carolyn Jones
Kevin and Cynthia Jones
Matt and Pati Jones
Travis and Kathryn Karnes
Jim and Doody Keet
Bill and Jan Keith
Jonathan and Lauren Kelley
Betty Kelley
Jasen and Jennifer Kelly
Brandon and Lyndsey Kelly
Burt and Phillis Kelly
Bob Keltner
Jeff and Stacy Kemp
Sandy and Mike Kennamer
Zach Kennedy
Justin and Sara Kershaw
Lou and Karen Ketchum
Heath Key
John and Juanita Keymer
Jarred and Paige Kibbey
Emily Kilcrease
William and Karen Kimbriel
Clyde and Cynthia Kingery
Mark and Kimberly King
Greg and Michele Kingrey
Charlie and Dona Kinslow
Patrick and Kellie Kircher
Tom Kirchner
Michael Klamm
Jennifer Klemple
Kyle and Alana Klober
Stacie Klott
Mark and Tiffany Knight
David and Janna Knight
Ron and Carolyn Knowlton
Jon and Kayla Knox
Tim Kocher
Adam and Melissa Koehler
Robert and Laurie Koehler
Scott and Jean Krantz
David and Kelly Krause
Chad and Erin Krebs
Kevin and Kelly Krout
Richard and Mary Krutsch
Brian and Jenny Kubacak
Mark and Stephine Lacey
Bill and Mary Lackie
Charles LaFree
David and Barbara Land
Susan Langford
Jeremy Langley
Jeremy and Karen Langston
Chris and Heather Larsen
Ronald and Paula Latham
Melinda and Raymond Lawson
Jamie Leach
Jennifer Legate
Stephen and Amie Lein
Lee Leming
Chad Leming
Shane and Mindy Lester
Margaret Leveille
Mark and Kim Leverett
Dan and Krista Lewis
Betsy Lewis
Justin and Meagan Lieber
Jason and Mellissa Lindsay
Barbara Little
Jerry and Shonda Litty
Gary and Helen Lively
James and Andrea Long
Robert and Amber Long
Hubert and Peggy Long
Larry and Sharon Lovett
Robin Lynch
Marie Lynch
Daniel and Anne Mace, Jr.
Anita Madakasira
Robert and Leslie Magri
Autumn Mahar
Rhonda Mahler
Robert and Carol Mallard
Connie Malone
Vincent and Cristin Mammarelli
Don and Linda Mann
Colleen Martin
Blake and Mischa Martin
Kenneth and Susan Martin
Matthew and Christie Martin
Leadra Martin
Christopher and Angel Mask
Regina Mason
Randy and Cheryl Matthews
Martie and Norma Matthews
Gander and Rhonda Mattox
Rachel Mauldin
Julie Mayberrry
Bernie and Mary Mazu
Kristina McAnally
Kelsey McCall
Jim and Cathy McCarn
Marsha and Wesley McCarver
William and Sonja McCauley
Harry and Barbara McClintock
Don and Terri McCLure
Hugh and Erin McConnell
Robert and Shelly McConnell
Jason and Laney McConnell
Cody and Lindsey McConnell
Dennis and Teresa McCOrmick
Dawn McCormick
Tommy and Mary Ann McCullar
David McCullough
Ron and Nancy McDaniel
Jim and Kim McDonald
William and Carrye McDonald
Rachel and Ben McDonald
Harold and Joann McEntire
Jeffrey and Kristi McFarland
Corey and Kelly McGaha
Lisa McGee
Aaron and Gina McGee
Carolyn McGee
Gary and Phyllis McGhee
Blake and Christen McGowan
Brandon and Kassie McIntare
Shane and Mandy McLelland
Paul and Mikie McLendon
Brett and Cindy McLeod
Bo and Jamie McNeill
Tabitha and Kelley McNulty
Lance and Judy McReynolds
Matt and Paula McSheehy
Myron and Clarissa McWherter
Frederick and Carol Meadors
Evelyn and David Menz
John and Margie Meredith
Nelda Metts
Kerry and Ann Meythaler
Ron and Sheryl Miller
Jerry and Terri Miller
Brian Miller
Tom and Debbie Miller
Beverly Miller
Mark and Mary Millsap
Justin and Katherine Mitchell
Charles and Doris Mixon

Jason and Jolie Mizell
Pledger and Jennifer Monk
Scott and Tammy Montgomery
Scott and Michaela Montie
Jerry and Rebecca Mooney
Sid and Beth Moore
Michael and Angela Moore
David and Eileen Moore
Dana Moore
Adam and Brooke Moore
Randy and Sandra Morgan
Keith and Bishawn Morris
Brad and Kelly Morris
William and Deborah Morris
Terri Morris
Daniel and Kayla Morris
Christine Morrison
Miriam Morse
Kristi Morse
Blake and Mollie Moses
John and Pam Mueller
Stacy and Jessica Mullenix
Bonnie and James Murphy
Jacqulyn Murphy
George and Cindy Murphy
Kirk and Lynn Murray
James and Gwen Myatt
Nathan and Christin Nailling
Scot and Celeste Needham
Robert and Rebecca Neighbors
Connie-Jo Nelson
Christopher and Kristin Nelson
Dell and Carolyn Nelson
Evan and Erin Newbolt
Dale and Vicki Newton
Sam and Ginger Nicholson
Tom and LouAnn Nisbett
Nathan and Laura Norman
J.O. and Tamra Norman
James and Cecily Norman
Ann Norris
Whitney Norris
Stuart and Lea Ann Norton
James and Sandra Norton
Christopher and Kelley Nosari
Jerry and Alyssa Nutt
Elaine Obrien
Jason and Magen Olive
Donna Olson
Mandy Osborne
Daniel and Mary Osolin
Michael and Virginia Oswalt
D.E. and Gail Packmore
Don and Diane Pagan
Gordon and Pat Page
Jerome and Delyce Palik
Steve and Rebecca Parke
Robert and Tamy Parker
Larry and Brenda Parker
Bill and Jessica Parkinson
Brad and Jamie Parnell
Bruce and Johnnie Patterson
James and Jamie Patterson
Sarah and Jack Patterson
Debbie Paulk
Michael Paulus
Matt and Annie Paulus
Laura Paxton
Gina Peachey
Chip and Randi Peacock
William and Mary Pearson
Jason and Mary Carol Pederson
Sara Peeples
David and Brooke Pember
James and Wendy Penney
Jim and Juli Peoples
Kathy Percivalle
Rick and Lalita Perkins
Jeremy and Elizabeth Perrone
Mitch and Liz Perry
Pete and Anne Peterson
Kevin and Christy Pettit
Jim and Janet Petty
Gary and Kella Pharris
Sandra Phelps
Gary and Rebecca Phillips
Eugene and Shaleen Phillips
Ronald and Karen Phillips
Chris and Rachel Phillips
Zack and Kiley Pianalto
Chris and Amy Pierce
Jerrod and Hannah Pinkston
Ron and Sharon Plate
Joe and Kayla Plyler
Kevin and Meagan Pohlmeier
Phillip and Keya Pointer
Preston and Ann Polson
James and Kim Poteat
Michael and Heather Pruitt
Tad and Kimberly Pruitt
Amy Putt
Randy and Diana Ragsdale
John and Sarah Rainwater
Michael and Kathy Rainwater
Rick and Becky Ransom
Russ and Tenille Rauls
Matthew and Madeline Ray
Richard and Tina Reagan
Don and Judith Recer
Victor and Regina Respess
Martin and Patricia Rhodes
Greg Reddin
Blake and Lindsay Reeves
Ben and Jenny Register
Charles and Helen Reppell
Christopher and Pamela Rhodes
P.E. and Brenda Rice
D.L. and Tammy Richardson
Sue Richardson
Martha and Andrew Richmond
Tina Ridings
Keith and Sally Riggs
Lila Riggs
Blake and Lisa Riley
Dave and Christy Risius
Barbara and Charity Ritter Keener
Carey and Penny Roach
Brent and Martha Roberson
Shannon Roberts
Joan Runnels
Lynette Runsick
Will and Courtney Rusher
Patti Rye
Scott and Amy Rypkema
Ted and Wendy Saer
Michael and Karen Sage
J.D. and Judy Sagely
Sarah and Bryan Sanders
Lucas and Jessica Scantling
James and Janna Scheible
Adam and Jamie Schmalz
Jason and Audra Schnepf
Matthew and Tamara Schrand
Darren and Megan Scott
Daniel Scott
Stephen and Roselle Scott
David and Whitney Scott
James and Ella Faye Scroggins
Gina Seabaugh
Christie Sessions
Maria Sgrillo
Katie Shannon
Dale and Jan Sharp
Steve and Jill Sheets
Jay and Cathy Shell
Billy and Angie Shelton
Tina Shufelberger
Suzanna Lorraine Sikes
Alan and Angela Simmons
Toby Simmons
Melanie Simpson
Mylinda and Andrew Simpson
Brad and Melissa Sims
Joseph and Vickie Sims
Dan Singletary
Amy Sixbey
Roger and Sarah Smart
Chris and Janet Smith
Ryan and Jolene Smith
Margaret Smith
Jim and Kim Smith
Bill and Lois Smith
Michael and Teresa Smith
Frank and Donna Smith
Tracy Smith
Tom and Wendy Smith
Darren and Dawn Smithson
Rick and Marsha Snell
Derek and Gretchen Speer
Richard and Patricia Spellins
Tim and Velvet Sperry
Patricia Sporleder
Ron and Patty Spradlin
Cassandra Stafford
George Ann Stallings
Scott and Kelly Stamps
Gary and Charlene Standridge
Bob and Tonya Stanley
Tyler and Tricia Steele
Henry and Monica Steele
Duane and Lora Stephens
Warren and Harriet Stephens
John and Grace Steuri
Jaymes Stevens
Susan Stevens
Dwight and Teresa Stewart
Cory and Shannon Stocks
Joel and Julie Stone
Willie and Evangeline Stone
Bruce and Angie Stone
Jacob and Victoria Stover
Joe and Jo Strickland
Linda Strother
Sam and Glenda Stueart
Stephen and Elizabeth Suffron
Donald and Cynthia Sugg
Jesse and Anna Sullivan
Bruce and Jennifer Sullivan
Roy and Martha Sundman
Austin Sundman
Joe and Bonnie Sutterfield
Holly Sutton
Ronald and Mary Ann Swager
Wanda Swaim
Gerald and Patricia Swalve
Phil and Shannon Swope
Chris and Sarah Tate
Georgiana Tatum
Martin Tatum
Cyndy Taylor
Christopher and Ashley Taylor
Rusty and Nita Taylor
Joshua and Jennifer Teague
J.F. and Sarah Teague
Dewain and Charlotte Tennant
James and Beatrice Thacker
Amanda Tharp
Curtis Thomas
Carlotta Thompson
William and Amy Thompson
Raymond and Sondra Jo Thompson
Virginia and Dale Thompson
Mark and Terry Thone
Robert and Ronda Henry Tillman
Harold and Donna Timboe
Philip and Shelly Banning Tippin
Joshua and Casey Tisdale
Daniel and Mayela Tom
Bo and Willa Trammell
Chad and Emily Treadaway
Darrell and Deborah Trickett
Kevin and Kimberly Truslow
Linda Tucker
Ashley Tucker
James and Kelly Turner
Cale and Megan Turner
Josh and Crystal Turner
Fred Randy and Carolyn Tyler
Dennis and Becky Tyler
Nicky and Tanya Valls
Sandra Van Horn
Jerry and Susan Vaughn
Jeff and Jennifer Vaughn
Angela Vaught
Bryant and Nancy Vinson
Phillip and Andrea Wade
Ann Wait
Christine Walker
Nathan and Jennifer Walker
Richard and Dianna Walker
Rachel Waller
Isaac and Rachelle Wardell
Gary and Karla Ward
Richard and Jenene Warren
Trish Washam
John Wyatt Watson
Katie Watson
Rodney and Brigettee Watson
Daniel and Glenda Watson
Chris and Tiffaney Wear
Roger and Laura Webb
Christopher and Michelle Webb
Kathy Weiler
Roger and Jolene Welch
Vonda Welke
Bill and Carolyn Wellons
Reva Wells
Jay and Shannon Wescoat
Benjamin and Anita Wesley
Daniel Westerman
Roger and Connie West
Isaac and Lisa West
William and Deborah West
Bob and Susan Whisnant
Willie and Bailey Whiteaker
Donald and Jennifer White
Matthew and Kelly White
Chris White
Steve and Linda White
John and Teresa White
Cathie White
James and Susan White
Jacob and Brooke White
Richard and Stacy White
Gary and Deborah White
Patrick and Vivian White
Charles and Cappy Whiteside
Robert Whitlatch
Bryan and Stephanie Whitson
Tim and Lisa Wicker
Charles and Linda Widmer
Tinka Willard
William Willenberg
Eddie Joe and Delona Williams
Tracy Williams
Ken and Cindy Williams
Stan and Stella Williams
Paul and Cheryl Williams
Greg and Sydne Williams
Paul and Lisa Williams
Karen Williams
Terri Williamson
Jimmy and Dena Wilson
Michael and Robin Wilson
Shelley Woessner
Ronald and Merry Wolfe
Kenneth and Jennifer Wolff
David and Gail Wood
Fred and Sarah Wood
Jeff and Jennifer Wood
Isaiah and Sarah Woodyard
Bob and Patsy Wright
Tanya Yates
Chris and Lori Ann Yeager
Keith and Lisa Yoakum
Mary Carole Young
Cynthia Young
Rebekah and Nick Yount
John and Maranda Zeltner
Lang and Sara Zimmerman
Anna Zink
Linda Zust