Lauri Currier, Executive Director, The CALL

Lauri Currier
Executive Director

Dear Friends:

I truly enjoy the opportunity to reflect upon the impact that The CALL makes in the lives of children and families around the state of Arkansas. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our foster and adoptive families, our church partners, our partners at the DCFS, our volunteers and our donors!

I continue to amazed by the incredible energy and commitment of the hundreds of families mobilized by The CALL statewide. Foster families minister to hurting children and their biological families – helping to heal and reunify. Adoptive families take on the radical job of parenting children suffering the traumatic effect of abuse and neglect. Foster care and adoption Involves sacrifice. I hear from families it is the toughest job you will ever love – and that the blessings they receive far outweigh the sacrifices.

Volunteers serve all kinds of important roles for The CALL. You use your spiritual gifts to mobilize local churches, recruit and train families, and support these families as they invest in the lives of children. Your enthusiasm, motivation and resourcefulness are completely INSPIRING! I am grateful for the dedication of EVERY person it takes to run The CALL statewide. You are the heartbeat of this ministry.

To our partners at the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services – thank you for helping grow this unique collaborative relationship between a faith-based organization and a government agency. It is so exciting to be involved in cutting edge work in the field of child welfare. Our challenge is to continue to develop this unique collaboration and share our model for working together with other states around the nation.

Certainly, the work of The CALL would not possible without our donors whose investments lead to wonderful outcomes for abused and neglected children in foster care. Your support makes it possible for each child in foster care to be placed in a healing home with a family where their unique needs can be met.

Until no child is waiting,
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