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Lifted us up

“I am forever thankful and inspired by my church family. They have lifted us up in prayer, cried with us, laughed with us and been a family to all my kids. Whether they were born to me or not, they welcomed and loved and was a family to all of them.”
— Tricia

Amazing foster/adoptive/bio mommas

“Ann Meythaler and Annie Martin … both women are [the most] amazing foster/adoptive/bio mommas I’ve ever met. I love their hearts for all kiddos and they truly live out James 1:27 in everything they do. I love these 2 mommas and thank God for placing them in my life and foster care journey.”
— Julie

Love for these kids

“Tenille Rauls and her total desire to serve HIM no matter what. Her love for these kids is a testament to her heart for God. So thankful to have her as part of my support team while we love the kids that are coming into our home.”
— Aubrey

Baxter County Helps Re-Wire House

Rewiring house for Baxter County familyGod works in amazing ways. One recent way was through a local electrician and several friends from local churches. The CALL in Baxter County was made aware from a DCFS Case Worker of a family that needed some major rewiring of their home in order for their children to return home from foster care.

The family was very discouraged because they were told it was a significant problem and would cost well above anything they would be able to pay. One of our respite families happened to see the post on our FB page about the need and felt passionate about making it happen. Kaytie Kelley and her husband, Ryan, recruited Josh Thompson, with Thompson Electric, Wirt McKee, Eric Rushing, and Russell Tucker and they got the entire job DONE for FREE for the family. Our local Home Depot was amazing and donated some of the supplies as well! Not only was physical light brought to this biological families home but also the team was able to pray over the family as well and bring the most important light of all our Savior Jesus Christ. We received a thank you note from the biological family with precious words of their thanks.

Working to restore families can happen in many forms. God can and does use people and many situations to bring glory to Him. We are thankful The CALL in Baxter County was able to help facilitate and witness this amazing work He did through His people.

Take the time to train

“Keith Jones and family: they have a LOT going on, yet Keith takes the time train the PRIDE trainers and train prospective foster families himself. They could so easily say they are too busy (because they are), yet they take the time.”
— Christa

Statewide Summit

Lauri speaking at Statewide Summit
In October 2014 we held our 6th Annual Statewide Summit. 153 staff, volunteers and DCFS workers came together for 2 full days of training and encouragement for recruiting, training and supporting foster and adoptive families.
The CALL Statewide Summit 2014

First Foster Family Open In Pope County

Greg and Day Burns, first foster family opened by The CALL in Pope CountyFirst Foster Family Open In Pope County. Greg and Day Burns were the first foster family to open their home through The CALL in Pope County in March of 2014. I have known this wonderful couple for two years and have never ceased to be amazed by their love, passion and encouragement for each other and those in the community.

They continually choose to focus on the positive and embrace the chaos that comes with receiving a new child into their home. As Day says, they are learning their “new normal” and are enjoying every minute of it. They continually pour their life, love and prayers into each new little life that walks through their doors–a lesson we could all stand to learn or at least take a refresher course in!
We are so thankful for Day and Greg and the many other foster and adoptive parents in our community for opening their homes and hearts to the waiting children of Pope County and Arkansas.

HOPE Conference

The CALL partnered with the Central Arkansas Orphan Coalition for the first annual HOPE Conference: bringing hope and support to Arkansas foster and adoptive parents. Hosted by Geyer Springs First Baptist Church in Little Rock, keynote speakers Michael and Amy Monroe shared tools for caring for children from hard places. Michael and Amy have developed Empowered To Connect Parent Training in partnership with Tapestry foster care ministry at Irving Bible Church in Texas and Dr. Karyn Purvis from Texas Christian University.

Over 300 people from all over the state attended breakout sessions offering practical insights for parents of foster and adoptive children to use in their marriages, encouragement from longtime foster parents who will offer hope for the amazing journey of foster care and adoption, experts from several agencies will answer questions for those considering a private domestic or international adoption, as well as education about sensory processing skills and the language learning necessary to every child’s development.

New Affiliate Operations Training

In August 2014 we held our first two sessions of New Affiliate Operational Training. This is a two day training developed to train new affiliate leadership teams on the programs and procedures of The CALL. Additionally, we offered one on one training for each specific job on the local team. We trained leadership in Franklin County in Charleston, Arkansas on August 5 & 6 and Clark County in Arkadelphia, Arkansas on August 11 & 12.

Lauri Currier, Executive Director, The CALL

Executive director letter

Dear Friends:

No waiting children – that’s God’s vision for His children in foster care in Arkansas! You play a role in that vision as a foster or adoptive family, a volunteer, a donor, or a prayer warrior! Whatever your investment – time, talent or treasure – you’re helping to heal hurting children and families with amazing energy and commitment.

Every county in Arkansas continues to face a community problem – too few families to care for local orphans. The solution can be found in your community – in your local Church. The CALL – with your help – is moving the Church to serve!

This Annual Report is a snapshot of our progress in 2014. I hope this glimpse of the past inspires you as much as it does me! The CALL has grown at an incredible pace.

New county affiliates, church partners, and foster and adoptive families are growing in number daily around Arkansas. Our work is nationally recognized – and together we are leading in the faith based /government partnership arena!

Growth leads to changed lives – kids in foster care, their families, foster and adoptive families, volunteers, and donors! You and I are transformed through our love and care for local orphans. Thank you for being a willing servant. Amazing!

One of the highlights of 2014 was the day we opened the 1,000th family recruited, trained, and supported through The CALL. There was a whole lot of happy dancin’ going on statewide! Congratulations to you on that enormous accomplishment!

Now, please take a few minutes to read about all the other cool stuff you helped with in 2014 in this report! It’s all good…

There is no doubt that God is blessing the work of our hands – but to make God’s vision a reality – we must persevere! I pray you will find your unique purpose – the way God made you to serve local orphans – and get yourself plugged in for HUGE impact in the coming year!

Blessings sweet friends!

Until no child is waiting,
Lauri Currier signature

Individual partners 1

Alicia Agent
Cindy Akin
Brian and Cynthia Alexander
Robert and Judy Allen
Mark and Loretta Allen
Amanda Allison
Kyle and Robyn Allmendinger
Terry and Carol Allmon
Mohsen and Debbie Amani
Joel and Ann Anderson
Janet Anderson
Curtis and Nancy Arnold
Leslie and Cheryl Arnold
Amanda Asberry
Charles and Cynthia Austin
Kyla Aycock
Diane Ayres
Alan and Amber Bagley
Xavier and Holly Ballew
Ben and Laura Bandimere
Jacob and Kathleen Barnes
Klressa Barnes
Eric and Samantha Barnes
Kichelle Barnes
Nola Ann Barnett
David and Tammy Barrett
Edith Barrett
David and Rebecca Barton
Anna Barton
Tery and Mary Baskin
Lanessa Bass
Robert and Tammy Bateman
John and Melissa Baxter
Carl and Beverly Bear
Robert and Casey Beard
Bob and Susan Beard
Edward and Kimberly Beatty
Ricky and Leslie Beatty
Michael and Jessica Belote
Thomas and Chris Bennett
John and Rhonda Bensen
Cindy Berry
Raymond and Leslie Bertasi
Mark and Sherri Billings
Tim and Jo Billingsley
Davin and Jennifer Billingsley
Kevin and Kasie Birdwell
Pam and Marlys Bitner
Aaron and Karen Black
Bentley and Sydney Blackmon
Chris and Lee Ann Blackmon
Marc and Adrienne Blackwell
Terry and Sherry Blanton
Donna Blevins
Constance Bloodworth
Tammy Blount
Josh and Teresa Bond
Karla Booe
Jennifer Booher
Cassandra Booker
Judi Booth
Jeffrey and Ashley Borgsmiller
Holly Bourland
Paul and Lynette Bowersock
Brad and Jill Brannon
Douglas and Camille Braswell
James and Niki Brenton
Broek and Erika Breshears
Donna Bressinck
Ajia Brey
Allen and Vicki Bridges Bridges
Matthew and Brandi Bridwell
Raymond and Doretta Bright
Ellis and Nancy Brisher
John Ralph and Anne Broadwater
Terry and Diane Brown
Aaron and Krista Brown
Gene and Joy Brown
Chad and Prescilla Brown
Brad and Amanda Brown
Sandra Brown
Cherie Brown
Joshua and Elizabeth Bruns
Charles and Abigail Buchanan
Lance and Hope Bucher
Tammy Buford
Steve and Janelle Burch
Jimmy and Janet Burch
Mark and Kristen Burdette
Katy Burkhead
Dan Burnett
Lance and Amy Burns
Chris and Carrie Burress
Hannah Bush
Linda Butler
Paul and Wendy Cadell
Michael and Jana Caldwell
Max Callaham
Dee Callaham
Melissa Campbell
Brandon and Miranda Campbell
Chad and Sarah Canada
Hilda Canada
Lidya Canady
Tony and Laura Carden
Jaime and LeAnn Carlson
Wes and Lindsey Carmical
Bradley and Janet Carner
William and Deborah Carr
Brian and Dawne Carroll
Gene and Sheila Carson
Craig and Sheryl Carter
Jackie Castaneda
Robert and Ronda Castiglione
Bobby and Donna Caughron
Bradley and Jalynen Chambless
Adam and Ashley Chandler
Dennis and Debbie Chastain
Airl and Elizabeth Cheek
Mark and Jennifer Cherry
Megan Cherry
Shawna Childs
Kelly Chism
Jeff Christiansen
Terry and Noelle Ciganek
Jody and Travis Clark
Lacey Neissl Clark
Suzanne Clark
Johnny and Carol Clayton
Roy Clayton
James and Marcia Clayton
Tommy and Lori Clements
Joe and Julie Clements
Freeling and Betty Clower
Chris and Brandi Cobb
James and Somer Colbert
Bill and Carol Coleman
Donna Coleman
Brad and Cara Coleman
Jessica Colley
Rachel Collins
Ritchey Collyar
Blake and Tess Condley
Keith and Debbie Conine
Erin and Craig Conner
Pam Conner
Michael and Carly Conrad
Sue Cooper
Casey and Cohen Copeland
Bob and Janet Copeland
Jonathan and Lucinda Core
Orrin and Deborah Corwin
Jason and Robin Cothran
Amanda Cothren
Catherine Cotney
Jeff and Treeca Dyer Cotton
Jamie Courtney
David Courtney
Tandi Cox
David and Amanda Coyle
Jana Crain
David and Rebecca Cranford
Wayne and Michelle Cranford
Chad and Kim Crank
Robert H. and Nadi Crank
Dana Crenshaw
Rob and Julie Cress
Dean and Elizabeth Crouse
Miranda Curbow
Phillip and Lauri Currier
Kay Daniels
Rodney and Vicki Dardenne
Robert and Donna Darling
Mary Lewis Dassinger
Nitzia David
Carol Davidson
Kelley Davidson
Max and Carolyn Davis
Chris and Allison Davis
Gregory and Traci Davis
William and Kara Davis
Greg and Pam Davis
Sara Davis
Brady and Danielle Davis
Phillip and Kirby Davis
Melanie Davis
Christina Decker
Scott and Melissa Deer
Steve and Erin DeLassus
Gerald and Karen Demory
Chris and Crystal Dendy
Michelle DeRose
Melva Derrickson
Branden and Julia DesCarpentrie
Brian and Ginny Detherage
Ronald Sanders and Rosanna Diokno
Kimberly Dixon
Joey and Sadie Dodson
Sam and Becky Donaldson
Joe and Sandra Donaldson
Chris and Virginia Donovan
Kelly Dotson
Todd Dougherty
John and Michelle Douglas
Happy Douglas
Cody and Carly Douglas
Greg Douthit
Ross and Isabelle Downs
Gerald and Angela Driskill
Bobby and Jessica Dugger
Joey and Carole Dumond
Dewayne and Shannon Durden
Kevin and Lori Eads
Chris and Nataleigh Eaves
Kevin and Melissa Eckart
Rich and Kristi Eckerd
Richard and Ashlie Edgerton
Mark and Linda Edwards
Gregg and Lauren Eide
Melisa Ellerman
Phillip and Judy Ellis
Keith and Joni Englin
Tim Epley
Ronnie and Piper Erwin
Michael and Ashley Escue
Chad and Jana Evans
Daniel and Wendy Evert
James and Becky Ewing
Joel and Elizabeth Fankhauser
David and Jennifer Felio
Candace Fellner
Max and Patti Ferguson
Bart and Kimberly Ferguson
Roy and Patricia Ferrell
Charles and Carol Fincher
William and Cynthia Fink
Robert and Alexandra Fitzgerald
Joseph Flanagan
Daniel and Amy Flanigan
James and Susan Flowers
Nick and Sara Floyd
Helen Floyd
LaDonna Foster
Allen and Stacey Fowler
Courtney Fox
Robert and Deanna Fox
Ray, Ray and Ardith Franklin
Bobby Freeman
Darren Freeman
William and Wanda Fugett
Jon David and Kristi Fuller
April Gage
Jack and Janet Galbraith
Robert and Mary Gattis
Joey and Cymber Gieringer
Julie Gillaspy
Jonathan and Sheena Gilmore
Jason and Lindsay Glover
Rachel Goettl
Ernest and Ronda Golden
Ken and Jan Golden
Bradley and Jolana Gooding
Brian and Johnna Goodman
Otis Gordon
Tom and Leslie Gordon
John and Debra Gorman
Shauna Gould
Christine Goulet
Jeffrey and Maureen Grace

Individual partners 2

Waldemar and Vera Grafals
Michael and Amber Graham
Paul and Mary Graham
Wade and Suzanne Graham
Jay and Dana Graves
David and Sandy Gray
Douglas and Nancy Green
Todd and Charlotte Greer
William and Ginger Griffin
Glenn and Janet Grossman
Christopher and Ashley Gunderman
Steve and Stephanie Habenicht
Karen Hacskaylo
Elizabeth Hager
Ryan and Debbie Hale
Amanda Hale
Steven Hall
Rebecca Hall
Stephanie Hall
Julia Hamilton
Angie Haney
Jared and Natalie Hankins
Robert and Chana Hanle
Doreen Hanley
Michelle Harding
Benita Hardister
John and Linda Kay Hargrave
Brad and Robin Harlow
John and Michelle Harp
Shoanette Harper
Ramona Harper
Joshua and Makayla Harrell
Jason and Jennifer Harris
Rodney and Kristi Harris
Richard Harris
Stephen and Haley Harrison
Alan and Gaye Harrison
Wayne and Tina Harrison
Dan and Marla Hartman
John and Brandie Hayward
Glenda and Jackie Hefley
Rose Heinzelmann
Sam and Patricia Heird
Ron and Carolyn Helvey
Anthony and Carla Hendricks
Michael and Debra Hendricks
Patrick and Carrie Henry
Paul and Crystal Henry
Bruce and Laura Henry
Kevin and Michele Henry
Hannah Herriman
Glenn and Debbie Hersey
Greg and Jenny Herzig
Bart and Ashley Hester
Jonathan and Carmen Hetzel
Paul Hickman
Michael and Paula Higgins
Jimmie and Cindy Hilburn
Jason and Scarlett Hill
Keith and Rhonda Hill
Alex and Bethany Hill
Daniel and Natalie Hill
Richard and Elizabeth Hill
Caleb Hilton
Eric and Krista Hinson
Bradford and Dana Hobbs
Robert and Kimberly Hoelzeman
Brett and Jamie Holiman
Rex and Haley Holstein
Gwen Holton-Langley
Donna Hopkins
Glenn and Patsy Hopper
Kenneth and Pamela Horn
Paul Horney
Willie and Tammy Howard
Denisho and Pearl Howse
Bill and Betty Huber
David and Lauren Huckabee
Lee and Carolyn Hudson
Mendel and Stephanie Hughes
Connie Hurst
Blake and Sarah Hutchins
Charles and Myra Lynn Hyde
Farris and Laura Jackson
Myron and Stephanie Jackson
Remo and Lynn Jacuzzi
Sanjeev and Rashmi Jain
Michael and Denya James
William and Marabeth Jaques
Cynthia Jauch
Serena Jeffery
Seth and Allison Jensen
Drew and Britt Johnson
Robert and Tina Johnson
Steven and Jennifer Johnston
Claes and Diane Jonasson
Keith and Natasha Jones
Lee and Elizabeth Jones
Greg and Elizabeth Jones
Brian and Karen Jones
Scott and Nancy Jones
Teresa Jones
Danny and Connie Jones
Chris and Jenifer Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Kevin and Cynthia Jones
Debbie Jones
Pamela Jones
Kenneth and Ginger Jordan
Cindee Joslin
Nathan and Pamela Jowers
Randy and Heidi Jumper
Michael and Ruth Keeley
Larry and Jackie Keene
Jim and Doody Keet
Julia Kegley
Bill and Jan Keith
Daniel and Louise Keithley
April Kellar
John and Rachel Kellum
Brandon and Lyndsey Kelly
Burt and Phillis Kelly
Jan Kelly
Jeff and Stacy Kemp
Joshua and Marci Kennedy
Keith and Janna Kerr
Justin and Sara Kershaw
Johnny Key
Jarred and Paige Kibbey
Jason and Lacie Kilbreath
Brandy Kilgore
Nathan Kinard
Michael and Shannon King
Calvin and Judy King
Patrick and Kellie Kircher
Daniel Kneese
Mark and Tiffany Knight
John and Rose Knight
Tim and Tracey Knight
Nathan and Kimberly Knight
David and Janna Knight
Thomas and Deborah Knox
Adam and Melissa Koehler
Kristopher and Marie Korinek
Betty Kralicek
Chad and Erin Krebs
Brian and Jenny Kubacak
Fred and Nancy Kubler
Jim and Joy Kuntz
Mark and Stephine Lacey
Gary and Susan Lacy
Howard and Lynde LaFever
Denise Lamb
Karen Lamb
Rachel Schaffer Lang
Joshua and Patricia Lanier
David and Ann Laser
Emily Latiolais
Wendy Leach
Eric LeBlanc
Joe and Mary Lou Lee
Carolyn Lee
Stephen and Amie Lein
Patrick and Alyse Lemmond
Shane and Mindy Lester
Margaret Leveille
Mark and Kim Leverett
Justin and Meagan Lieber
Dwight and Kay Lindley
Don and Raye Jean Linn
Barbara Little
Paul and Suzanne Little
Jonathan and Emily Loftin
Ssu-Chi Loh
Hubert and Peggy Long
Michael and Peggy Looney
Larry and Jonelle Luman
Damian and Sherry Lux
Joseph and Jennifer Lyon
Brandon and Laura Lyon
Jeffrey and Jacqueline Madden
Sybil Madding
Deborah Mager
Autumn Mahar
Carl and Laurie Malloy
Alyssa Mannis
Kristen Mannis
Montie Mansur
Steve and Erin Marshall
Blake and Mischa Martin
Kenneth and Susan Martin
Matthew and Christie Martin
David and Jill Martin
Shawn and Jennifer Marvin
Barbara Mason
Roger and Rebecca Mathison
Randy and Cheryl Matthews
Gander and Rhonda Mattox
Butch and Karen May
Kristina Mcanally
Corey McBain
Kelsey McCall
Sanford and Yolanda McCallum
Jill McCarty
William and Sonja McCauley
Shannon McChristian
Joshua and Jennifer McClelland
Shelly McConnell
Cody and Lindsey McConnell
Ron and Nancy McDaniel
John and Carrie McDaniel
Michael and Joan McDonald
Jeffrey and Kristi McFarland
Corey and Kelly McGaha
Elizabeth McGee
Lisa McGee
Aaron McGee
Gary and Phyllis McGhee
Mark and Leianne McGinnis
Donald and Anna McGorty
Blake McGowan
Candice McHenry
Matthew McKeever
Jerald and Karen McKinney
Michael and Shannon McLaughlin
Jim Medley
David and Angela Melhorn
Donald and Sandra Melton
Evelyn Menz
Anthony Merryman
Richard Metcalf
William and Betsy Meyer
James Meyer
Kirk and Hope Meyers
Kerry and Ann Meythaler
Travis and Hannah Michael
Ron and Sheryl Miller
Jennifer Miller
Deborah Miller
Mark and Mary Millsap
Justin and Katherine Mitchell
Charles and Doris Mixon
Michael and Kathy Mize
Jason and Jolie Mizell
Nora Molinero
Tomas and Nichole Molinero
Pledger and Jennifer Monk
Jared and Amy Monk
Scott and Michaela Montie
Jerry and Rebecca Mooney
Sid and Beth Moore
Lee and Ashley Moore
Michael and Angela Moore
Dana Moore
Monty and Megan Morgan
Timothy and April Morgan
Terri Morris
Christine Morrison
James and Gina Morrison
Rick and Cindy Mounts
Gene and Heather Muckleroy
Kristopher and Dawn Muldoon
George and Cindy Murphy
Mary Murphy
Howard and Marge Murray
Nathan and Christin Nailling
Louis and Margaret Nalley
Anthony and Jerri Natali
Shane Neighbors

Individual partners 3

Connie-Jo Nelson
Andrea Nelson
Rhaina Newborn
Jennifer and Joel Newton
Chris and Paige Niblett
Jonathan Nichols
Tom and LouAnn Nisbett
Nathan and Laura Norman
J.O. and Tamra Norman
Jessica Norman
James and Cecily Norman
Whitney Norris
Stuart and Lea Ann Norton
Ruth Ann Norton
Dan and Jane Nowell
Jackie Nutt
Katie Jo Obert
Robert and Carrie Odiorne
Jimmy and Linda Orrell
Terry and Chrisine Orsbun
Barbara Owen
James and Cheryl Owens
Matthew and Michele Paden
Don and Diane Pagan
Gordon and Pat Page
Susan Pambianco
Winona Parkhurst
John and Lois Parrish
Phillip and Shannon Pate
Aeysha Patrick
Shani Patterson
Bruce and Johnnie Patterson
Leon and Rachel Pavatt
Shannon and Jeanie Payne
Michael and Tonya Payton
Chip and Randi Peacock
Lisa Pearce
Jason and Mary Carol Pederson
Kelley Pedro
Sara Peeples
Charles and Marilyn Pennington
Jerry and Judy Pennington
Tim and Gay Perdue
Eugene and Shaleen Phillips
Don and Sharon Phillips
Joseph and Lauren Phillips
Sue Pickens
Bradley Pierce
Haylee Pierce
Richard and Christy Piles
Scott and Dixie Pittillo
Michael and Susan Pitts
Judy Plumlee
Kevin and Meagan Pohlmeier
Phillip and Keya Pointer
Preston and Ann Polson
Mark and Melissa Pope
James and Kim Poteat
Brent and Karen Powell
Jerrad and Amy Powell
Dennis Powell
Dean and Katie Jo Price
Spencer Price
Cheryl Pride
Kevin and Kimberly Qualls
Susan Quillin
Randy and Diana Ragsdale
Wayla Ramsey
Johnathan and Natalie Ramsey
Russ and Tenille Rauls
Billy and Jeanetta Ray
Megan Raynor
Donna Rearick
Sally Reeves
Blake and Lindsay Reeves
Martin and Patricia Rhodes
Shirley Rhodes
David and Micah Rice
Sue Richardson
Scott and Merie Richardson
Sonya Rieves
Roy and Jamie Rigdon
Blake and Lisa Riley
Dave and Christy Risius
Carey and Penny Roach
Garnet Roam
Larry and Alicia Robertson
Frank and Dorothy Robins
Gain and Donna Robinson
Greg and Debbie Robus
Eddie and Kathy Rogers
Rue Porter Rogers
Bobby and Beth Rogers
Russell and Esther Rogers
Rickey Joe and Cheryl Roller
Barbara Rook
Catherine Roshon
Mark and Dianne Ross
Christopher and Sarah Ross
Stephen and Ann Rowell
Ross Rucker
Ben and Melissa Ruffin
Lynette Runsick
Melanie Russell
John and Melissa Rutledge
Scott and Amy Rypkema
Joni Sahhar-McCagg
Jose and Amy Sanchez
Clifford and Hannah Sandsmark
Edwin and Rae Belle Sartain
Joachim and Jennifer Sathianathan
Lucas and Jessica Scantling
Christy Schad
Adam and Jamie Schmalz
Jo Beth Schneider
Stephen and Elizabeth Schotta
Matthew and Tamara Schrand
Darren and Megan Scott
Daniel Scott
Angela Scott
Bruce and Regina Sears
Ricky and Jacqueline Sebastian
Monica Serrano
Jan Seth
Chrystal Settle
Dale and Jan Sharp
Marcene Sharp
Robert and Ginny Shell
Billy and Angie Shelton
Joseph and Amanda Shelton
Mary Kay Sheppard
Herbert and Dionne Shirlee
Dwight and Jenifer Siemens
Joshua and Bridget Silvy
Toby and Penny Simmons
Jeff and Jodi Simpson
Mark and Elaine Simpson
Brad and Melissa Sims
David and Linda Slaton
Lou Slaughter
Christopher and Trudy Smith
Larry and Elizabeth Smith
Kathryn Smith
Leslie Smith
Chris and Janet Smith
Peter and Darby Smith
William and Lois Smith
Joseph and Gail Smith
Michael and Teresa Smith
Arby and Angela Smith
Wade Smith
Jim and Jamie Smith
Jesslynn Spence
Valerie Spivey Danzy
Gary and Charlene Standridge
Cindy Stanford
Dabney Stell
James and Amanda Stem
John and Grace Steuri
Jamie and Jan Stewart
Amy Stogsdill
Matthew and Jenny Stone
Clay and Melissa Stone
Bruce and Angie Stone
Susan Stone
Ben and Tonya Storie
BJ and Beth Stracener
Joan Strauss
Dale Stuart
Donald and Cynthia Sugg
Micah and Lauren Sukany
Jesse and Anna Sullivan
Bruce and Jennifer Sullivan
Jan Sullivan
Paul and Dellana Summerhill
Ronald and Mary Ann Swager
Melissa Swonger
Sherman and Marylene Tate
Andrew and Rebecca Tate
Cyndy Taylor
Rusty and Nita Taylor
Joshua and Jennifer Teague
Jonathan and Brooke Tedford
Dewain and Charlotte Tennant
Michael and Shona Terrell
Curtis Thomas
Martha Thomas
Charles and Loretta Thomas
Felix and Janette Thompson
Celia Thompson
Jo Thompson
Michael and Judy Thorne
David Thornton
John and Joanna Thurston
Harold and Donna Timboe
Rodrick and Korienne Toney
Cassandra Toro
Steve Towery
Kenda Treadway
Kevin and Kimberly Truslow
Ron and Carrolyn Tucker
Dennis and Becky Tyler
Shelly Tyler
Michael and Linda Undernehr
Clayton Vaden
Kelly and Katherine Van Gundy
Angela Vaught
Christopher and Jana Villemez
Chris and Courtney Vincent
Bryant and Nancy Vinson
Robert and Barbara Vogel
Kerri Vollmer
Phillip and Andrea Wade
William and Bonnie Wagner
Thomas and Annette Walden
Jonathan and Krissi Wall
Larry and Susan Wallace
Michael and Janie Ward
Jarrad and Kerry Ward
Marlin and Dawn Warmbold
Clay and Becky Warnock
Trish Washam
Greg and Treva Watkins
Andre and Shelley Watson
Daniel and Glenda Watson
Danny and Linda Weatherl
Michelle Webb
Bonner and Cora Weir
Bill and Carolyn Wellons
Kyle Werst
Roger and Connie West
Lance and Kandi West
Glenn and Vickie West
Bill and Donna West
William and Deborah West
George and Marilyn Wheat
Matthew and Kelly White
Jacob and Brooke White
Jamie and Allison White
Gary and Deborah White
Patrick and Vivian White
Michael and Sandra White
Zachary White
Sara Whitfield
William and La Juana Whyte
Marty and Gina Wilkins
Jeremiah and Jaclyn Williams
Eddie Joe and Delona Williams
Danny Williams
Paul and Cheryl Williams
Christy Williams
Jeffrey and Erin Willis
Daniel and Kelly Wilson
Patricia Wilson
Jimmy and Dena Wilson
Tina Winham
Brian and Jennifer Winkelpleck
Dwight and Louise Witcher
Bruce and Amy Womack
David and Gail Wood
Mark and Ginger Wood
Shelby and Dianne Parham Woods
Lance and Amanda Woodworth
Isaiah and Sarah Woodyard
Tim and Ashley Yayock
Steven and Cindy Young
David and Michelle Younkman
Charlie and Lorraine Zehm

Business partners 1

ABC Financial Services, Inc.
Acres of Help, Inc.
Agape Therapy Services
All Care Pharmacy
All Children’s Therapy (ACT)
All Season Painting
Andy Yeager Motors
Arkadelphia School District No. 1
Arkansas Automatic Sprinklers
Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield
Arkansas Eye Surgery
Arvest Bank
B & G Rigging
Beta Gamma Chapter Beta Sigma Phi
Beth Davis Interiors
Braswell & Son
Cabot Community Outreach Ministries
Central Arkansas Pediatric Clinic, PA
Centurytel Inc.
Christian Community Care Clinic
Cleburne County Board of Realtors
Community First Bank
Complete Testing Services, LLC
Covenant Medical Benefits, Inc.
Daisy Patch Quilters
DesignMatters, LLC
Dillard’s Inc.
DLBaker, Inc.

Business partners 2

Doric Lodge #471
Fianna Hills Consignment
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First Electric Cooperative
First Security Bank
Fred Lord Builder, Inc.
GarNat Engineering, LLC
Generations Chiropractic Wellness Center
Greenview Lawns, Inc.
Harps Charity Golf
Harry Robinson Buick – GMC, Inc.
Heart of Arkansas United Way
Hilda Robinson, LLC
Insurance Center
Integrity First Bank
James A. Penney III, DDS, PA
Jill’s Kids Academy, LLC
Jimmy Hudspeth Architect, PA
JP Morgan Chase Bank
JTJ Restaurants, LLC
KingShip, LLC
Larry’s Pizza of Cabot
Lewis Barnes Insurance Agency, Inc.
Little Rock Junior Departmental Club
Maxwell Hardwood Flooring
Mistler’s Oak Furniture

Business partners 3

Mudtown Farms, Inc.
Orphan Care Coffee Co.
Ozark Surgical Group
Premier Designs Jewelery
Rasco, Winter, Abston, Moore and Associates, LLP
Reformational Marketing, LLC
Relyance Bank
RHST, Inc.
Rotary Club of Cleburne County
Ryburn Motor Company
Serenity, Inc.
Simmons First Bank of Russellville
Southwestern Energy
Sowell Architects, Inc.
Storie Enterprises, Inc.
Stuttgart Kiwanis Club
Synergy Forum, Inc.
The Jewel Chest, Inc.
The Reliable Life Insurance Company
The Rustic Mule
Trotter Electric, Inc.
Truity Credit Union
Union Bank & Trust Co.
Wear & Share, Inc.
White Hall Lions Club
Windsong Enterprises, Inc.

Church partners 1

Apostolic Christian Center
Benton United Methodist Women
Bethlehem Methodist Church
Buena Vista United Methodist Church
Butterfield Assembly of God
Calvary Baptist Church – Camden
Central Christian Church
Charleston United Methodist Women
Christian Life Cathedral – Bentonville
Christian Womens Fellowship
Christ the King Catholic Church
Church at Rock Creek
Compass Church
Cornerstone Bible Fellowship
Cornerstone Outreach Ministries
Cullendale First Baptist Church
Dallas Avenue Baptist Church
Damascus United Methodist Church
Disciples Women
Eagle Heights Baptist Church
Eagle Mills First Baptist Church
East Side Baptist Church – Mountain Home
East Side Baptsit Church – Fort Smith
Fairfield Bay Baptist Church
Fairview United Methodist Women
Faith Baptist Church – Dewitt
Fellowship Bible Church – Little Rock
Fellowship Bible Church – Russellville

Church partners 2

Fellowship North
Fellowship of Christians, Inc.
First Assembly of God – Camden
First Assembly of God – Clarksville
First Assembly of God – DeWitt
First Assembly of God – Heber Springs
First Baptist Church Camden
First Baptist Church Clarksville
First Baptist Church Harrison
First Baptist Church of Benton
First Baptist Church of Farmington
First Baptist Church of Maumelle
First Christian Church – Fort Smith
First Free Will Baptist Church – Russellville
First United Methodist Church – Charleston
First United Methodist Church Heber Springs
First United Methodist Church – Monticello
Foothills Fellowship Bible Church
Full Counsel Christian Fellowship
Geyer Springs First Baptist Church
Grace Christian Center
Grace Church – Dennard
Grace Church – Little Rock
Grace Community United Methodist
Greater Second Baptist Church
Heaven’s Reach Ministries
Holland Chapel Baptist Church
Immanuel Baptist Church – Clinton

Church partners 3

Immanuel Baptist Church – Fort Smith
Immanuel Baptist Church – Little Rock
Indian Springs Baptist Church
Lakeside United Methodist Church
Landmark Missionary Baptist Church
Levy Baptist Church
Little Rock Church
Mountain Home Baptist Church
Mount Carmel Baptist Church
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
New Heights Church
New Life Church Magnolia
New Life Fellowship
Parkway Place Baptist Church
Pottsville Freewill Baptist Church
Prairie Grove Christian Church
Salem United Methodist Women
Scotland Baptist Church
Shiloh Baptist Church
Southside Baptist Church
St. Andrew’s Church
St. James United Methodist Church
The Grove Church
The River Bible Church
Trinity Baptist Church
Trinity Episcopal Church
Womens Missionary League