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Partnering with The CALL has helped with the recruitment of quality foster families to help DCFS care for the children who could no longer safely remain in their homes.

During State Fiscal Year 2013, we served 7,700 children in foster care and today we have 3,855 children in care. With the recruitment efforts of The CALL along with their community events which bring awareness of the need, we have more families available to care for those children who have been removed from their home. When we talk with the children who have come into care they tell us they want to be placed in a home setting — one with a mom, dad, brothers, sisters, etc. With The CALL recruiting homes in counties so children can be placed in their home county, allows children to remain in their local communities, allows them to be able to continue to attend school and keep their relationships with relatives and friends.

It is not enough for us to just provide a “safe place for the children we serve — we need to address all of the issues children have — we need to address their well-being”. lt is traumatic for children to be removed from everything he or she has known regardless if they have been abused or neglected.

Even with the recruitment efforts of The CALL, we only have 1,248 foster homes that have the capacity to care for 2,991 children. Being we serve over 7,000 children annually and have approximately 3,900 children in care on a daily basis — more quality homes are needed.

DCFS looks forward to continuing and expanding our partnership with The CALL in our recruitment efforts. One of the keys to our successful partnership is we want the same for the children and families we serve — we want the children to be loved, cared for and nurtured and loved as if they were our own. In addition we want to help strengthen biological families so they are capable of taking care of their children.

We are making a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve and we will continue to do so. We appreciate The CALL and the dedication they have in helping to recruit quality families and for the love shown to the children and families we serve.

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