The CALL 2013 Annual Report

Lauri Currier, Executive Director of The CALL7000 children spend time in foster care each year. That’s an average of 12 children a day!

Imagine, if just one family came forward from each church in Arkansas, we could solve the crisis.

The CALL is about recruiting, training and supporting families who foster or adopt from the Arkansas foster care system. Watch the video and check out this annual report to learn all that God did through The CALL in 2013.
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Cecile Blucker, Director of Department of Children and Family Services

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foster homes graphicNew foster families in 2013!
191 new foster homes completed the certification process and opened to children needing a home.

Investing in our children. A total of 53 churches around Arkansas donated to The CALL in 2013, helping make the training and support available to foster and adoptive families at no cost to the families.

Starting in Pope County. In the fall of 2013, Pope CountyPope County map launched their recruitment and training efforts after several years of preparations.

“Tenille Rauls and her total desire to serve Him no matter what. Her love for these kids is a testament to her heart for God. So thankful to have her as part of my support system while we love the kids that are coming into our home!”
— Aubrey

A forever home when needed. During the year, 58 new adoptive homes, recruited and trained by The CALL, were opened.

For the long haul… During the year, 894 people attended 121 support meetings in our counties. The ongoing support meetings help make sure families have the support they need as they have foster children in their home or bring adopted children into their family.

Bringing The CALL to more counties. During 2013, we developed and held a brand new Go For Launch Training for individuals from around Arkansas interested in bringing The CALL to their county.

Planning for the future! We held 2 all-day strategic planning sessions with participants from all around the state to set the course and priorities for The CALL, both in current counties and for growth into new counties.

New website. In the fall of 2013, The CALL launched a new website built on a platform that will allow the site to grow with The CALL in Arkansas websitethe ever-changing needs of The CALL in coming years.

Adoption finalization in courtForever homes became a reality in 2013 for 91 children that were adopted by families recruited and trained by The CALL.

“I am constantly inspired by the wonderful Kitterman family who have loved and never given up on their precious children and working on being their forever family.”
— Wendy

The CALL provides the DCFS required training for prospective foster and adoptive families. During the year, we trained 36 new trainers to meet increased training needs in new and existing counties.

graphic of children of different agesEnding the year well. At the end of 2013, there were 416 open foster homes and 70 open adoptive homes recruited by The CALL. Another 326 families were in the certification process.

In September 2013, we held our 5th Annual Statewide Summit, brining together 142 staff and volunteers, along with 33 DCFS workers from around the state for 2 packed days of training in every aspect of recruiting, training and supporting foster and adoptive families.

Bridging a year change. In December 2013,Boone County map Boone County launched and in January 2014 held its first Info Meeting that drew over 30 people and saw 3 families start the process toward becoming foster families. And that was all in the first few weeks!

The CALL in 29 counties in ArkansasAt the end of 2013, The CALL was in 29 of 75 Arkansas Counties.

Training. A total of 312 families completed the required training, provided by The CALL, to become a foster or adoptive family.
The CALL PRIDE training class

Learning about foster care and adoption. 810 people attended our 114 Info Meetings held around the state last year.
People at The CALL info meeting

Changing the status quo. Columbia County has far more children in foster care than available homes. But that is changing. Columbia county map
In October 2013, The CALL launched in Columbia County, jumping into recruiting and training new foster and adoptive families.

“I am forever thankful and inspired by my church family. They have lifted us up in prayer, cried with us, laughed with us and been a family to all my kids. Whether they were born with me or not, they welcomed and loved on and was family to all of them.”
— Tricia

graphic of 4 churchesConnecting with churches. The CALL had 166 active church representatives who promote The CALL in 100 churches around the state.

Keeping it all together. In 2012, The CALL started using a highly customized cloud database to manage trainings, events, constituents, donations, and many more aspects of the ministry. The database is now in use by 20 counties.

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