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The Corbin family

Truett, a 13-year old boy in foster care, was scheduled to return to the same group shelter when he left the hospital due to the lack of available foster homes. An attack by another resident of the shelter two weeks after his arrival had put Truett in the hospital with a broken jaw. “I was scared to go back,“ says Truett. Fortunately, the CALL heard of his dilemma and took quick action to find him a family who could provide the care he needed.

Michael and Alecia Corbin, a CALL foster family, received an e-mail outlining Truett’s situation and agreed to immediately take him into their home. Initially concerned with bringing an older child into a family with four younger children, the Corbins prayed and felt that God wanted them to trust Him and take Truett in.

God has certainly taken care of them! According to Michael, “Truett now helps us with the younger children and is a huge blessing to our family.” Only a year prior, the Corbins had become familiar with the CALL and its mission at an informational meeting. They became a foster family a couple of months later and adopted their twins in May of this year. Now they are in process of adopting Truett as their own. As for Truett, he says “I am so happy to have brothers and sisters and a family now.” Plus, he continues to talk to the Corbins about adopting again!

Just wanted to let you know that we have 37 foster children with only 32% residing outside of our county. This is a huge improvement from before the CALL. Of the 33%, some are placed with provisional foster homes out of county so that can’t be helped, 1 is in college out of county so that can’t be helped.  Just wanted to give you the numbers and say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I think before the CALL we had about 80% residing outside of our county or even more. Just wanted to share with you.

Johnnelle Switzer
Cleburne Co. DCFS Supervisor

Jason and Lacey Carney started the PRIDE training with the intentions of being an adopt-only family. Through the course of the training their hearts were stirred to switch to foster care instead. Lacey said they saw foster care as an opportunity to not only minister to the children but also to their biological families as well.

On January 9, 2012 the Carneys received a phone call about two young girls. They said yes and were soon introduced to the girls who were both behind in meeting developmental goals and had difficulty trusting people. Through the love and stability of the Carney family, the girls are now happy, healthy, and thriving. On May 31,2013 the Carneys celebrated the adoption of those two beautiful girls- Ruthie and Mia found their forever family.