First foster family opened in Pope County

Greg and Day BurnsGreg and Day Burns were the first foster family to open their home through The CALL in Pope County in March of 2014. I have known this wonderful couple for two years and have never ceased to be amazed by their love, passion and encouragement for each other and those in the community.

They continually choose to focus on the positive and embrace the chaos that comes with receiving a new child into their home. As Day says, they are learning their “new normal” and are enjoying every minute of it. They continually pour their life, love and prayers into each new little life that walks through their doors–a lesson we could all stand to learn or at least take a refresher course in!

We are so thankful for Day and Greg and the many other foster and adoptive parents in our community for opening their homes and hearts to the waiting children of Pope County and Arkansas.

Grant helps improve presentations

The CALL in Pope County receives a Giving Tree GrantIn April of 2014, The CALL in Pope County was blessed to be a recipient of a Giving Tree Grant provided by The Arkansas Community Foundation in Pope County.

This grant will be used to purchase a laptop, projector, portable screen, speakers and any other technology-related items to help informational and training meetings in Pope County run more smoothly.

The executive director of The Pope County Community Foundation also asked us to give a short talk about what The CALL is about and how it is affecting our community. Because of the number of other grant recipients that were present at the reception, we were able to share the message of The CALL with a wide variety of community organizations.

Pope County Giving Tree Grant ceremony

Starting in Pope County

Ashley Escue and Elisabeth MacPeek

Ashley Escue and Elisabeth MacPeek

The CALL in Pope County started several years ago as a God driven desire in the hearts of several people, many of whom didn’t know each other at the time. But His timing is perfect, and when He is ready to bring a task to completion, things come together with full force.

There is an urgent need for foster and adoptive homes in Pope County. The number of children in foster care in our county greatly exceeds the number of foster homes we have available to care for them.

As a result, local children are placed in foster homes or shelters in other counties. This means changing schools, longer drive times to visitations and leaving friends and familiar places behind. An overall sense of displacement is added to their already turned upside-down world. These children need a loving home in a community that is familiar to them.

God is giving Christian families in our area an exciting opportunity to have an eternal impact on children in foster care and those available for adoption. If just one family from each church in Pope County became a foster family, we would have a surplus of homes for our local kids.

Not everyone is called to be a foster or adoptive parent but there are so many more ways our congregations can be actively involved in caring for the hurting children of our community. We couldn’t operate without volunteers from the local church.

The need is great. Please help us answer the call!

Ashley Escue and Elisabeth MacPeek

Pope County contact info

1375 Marina Road
Russellville, AR 72802

phone: 479-890-9035


Elisabeth MacPeek, County Coordinator