The CALL in Ouachita County is moving!

The CALL in Ouachita County has been around for awhile, but we are currently growing and moving!

Currently in Ouachita County we have 4 active foster homes, that is simply not enough to care for the children we have in care (27). The CALL in Ouachita County is working to recruit, train, and support foster families from the Christian community. We know that that is only possible if we can motivate the churches first! We are currently looking for churches that would like for us to help them fulfill their mission to care for the fatherless. We CAN do that, right here in our own back yard!

How can your congregation help? We need host for monthly support groups, training session, informational meeting, Sunday morning highlighting our mission, small groups that are willing to work with foster parents, and children’s bible classes that would like to help! There is something for all ages. Are you interested in being more involved but know you can not foster or adopt right now? We have key volunteer position open right now. We need Church Reps, a County Coordinator, a financial Coordinator, and many others. Contact us today!

The CALL in Ouachita County

ouachitacounty@thecallinarkansas.orgWelcome to The CALL of Ouachita County!

If you are visiting this page then you are likely to have an interest in fostering, adopting, or volunteering for The CALL. You maybe thinking you are unqualified to make a difference and are apprehensive. If so then you most likely are who we are looking for.

God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

We are the James Family.

Everyday children enter foster care. The reality is that the number of children in care outnumber foster homes drastically. Our Goal is to empower and support those that are willing to take on this challenge and provide children the love, support, and structure they need.

We believe that there are families out there that are called to foster and adopt but they are fearful to take on such a daunting task. Not everyone is called to foster or adopt but God commands us to take care of the fatherless. Through the CALL we offer Christian individuals a way to get involved and support foster families in our community. If you have a passion to help children in need then we would love to work with you to become an open foster home.

My wife and I adopted in June 2015. We understand the fear and apprehension of taking the plunge into the foster care system. Though we have been met with challenges we have been blessed with three beautiful brilliant kids. We are dedicated in supporting you any way we can with taking on this challenge to meet the needs of the foster children in our county.

Help us reverse the tide and change the status quo.

Our Goal is to have no waiting children in Ouachita County but empty foster homes ready and willing to take them in.

Please Contact Karen Langston at to get added to our next informational meeting roster.

Ouachita County contact info

524 Elaine Ave.
Camden, AR 71701

phone: 903-348-0836


Karen Langston, Reginal Coordinator