Boone County sent kids Back to School in Style!

God is doing great things with The CALL in Boone County!  We’ve had a successful summer and we are looking forward to The Fall!thumbnail_img_0606  We have opened several new foster homes!   We are currently supporting 21 foster homes through The CALL.  We also minster to therapeutic foster homes,  provisional homes, some biological families that have worked hard to get their children back home, and to a few homes in neighboring counties where The CALL hasn’t launched yet, so we actually serve about 40 families through our CALL Mall.

We had an extremely successful Back 2 School Bash for all of the kids where we supplied backpacks, school supplies, and brand new shoes to EVERY child in the foster family when they started back to school thanks to the generosity of our community.  The families were all able to come in and do some back to school shopping while they picked up their supplies.  We saw 98 kids come through!

10kEarlier this summer we were offered a $10K Challenge to raise $10,000 in just a few short months and a generous donor would match that amount if we could raise it.  Again, our amazing community stepped up and we were not only able to raise that amount, but we blew past it in a major way!  God proves that He is so much bigger than we can dream or imagine!  He always provides for his children!   Thanks to that generous donation, we are now able to meet the needs of over 100 children that are currently in foster are in Boone County!  We are able to continue our efforts to recruit and train more families.

We are so thankful for our supporters and friends in Boone County that step up and answer The CALL. 

Starting off with a bang…

It seems God wants The CALL in Boone County to succeed even more than we do! After weather delays, we were finally able to Launch on January 12th! We hit the ground running with our very first Informational meeting happening the next night! We had over 30 in attendance and 3 families completed the first step with background checks and fingerprint packets. We were thrilled that after being obedient to God’s calling, we had recruited 3 families.

To our surprise, the very next day, we began getting calls and emails asking about our next meeting! We received so many, in fact, that we felt the urgency to hold another Info meeting before January was over. On January 28th, just two weeks later, we held our second Info meeting. We were thrilled to collect another 11 packets from families desperate to answer the call they were sensing to become foster or adoptive families!! We were in awe of what could only be God moving on the hearts of His people. It seems the Church needed only to hear of the need to know that God wanted them to do something. We do not underestimate the role that God himself plays in our endeavor to care for the children in crisis.

In March we finished training our first 6 families in the state’s 30 hour PRIDE training. We are helping them all to get CPR/First Aid trained. Soon they will have home studies done which is the final step to becoming an open home. We are encouraged that our goal of 10 foster and 2 adoptive families may well be complete with our first 2 Info meetings in January!! But we won’t stop there. We will not let up until we have met our overall goal of 40 new foster homes in Boone County and 10 adoptive homes. We will continue to recruit even if we reach it knowing that our goal is not only about numbers but an abundant supply of open homes.

Our hearts tell us we can’t have children waiting for a home, but we need to have families waiting for children. With God all things are possible!

The CALL in Boone County

The CALL in Boone County started as a God given desire in the hearts of several people. The common thread in these individuals was their understanding of God’s heart toward orphans (James 1:27) and the knowledge of the desperate needs of these children. They bonded together determined to do something. Once connected with The CALL in Arkansas, they were on their way to making a difference.

Boone County leadership team. Back row, left to right: Somer Lookingbill, Leadra Martin, Crystal Cotton, Bryan Taylor, Mandy Taylor, Tammi Kauffman, Lou Ketchum, & Karen Ketchum. Front row, left to right: Lora Stephens, Donna Caughron, & Yvonne Adamson

Boone County leadership team. Back row, left to right: Somer Lookingbill, Leadra Martin, Crystal Cotton, Bryan Taylor, Mandy Taylor, Tammi Kauffman, Lou Ketchum, & Karen Ketchum. Front row, left to right: Lora Stephens, Donna Caughron, & Yvonne Adamson

The CALL in Boone County was launched on January 12th, 2014 after more than a year of planning, fundraising, and building a team of like-minded Christians.

In Boone County, the need is so great that 86% of the children brought into foster care have to be taken out of our county to find an open foster home. Sometimes, there is no room in any of the surrounding area foster homes and the children are placed in an emergency shelter, group home, or other facility. This means changing schools, long driving time for weekly visits, and leaving friends, churches, and the community they know. The feeling of being uprooted is added to their feelings of fear and confusion. These children need a safe and loving home in our community that is familiar to them.

God is giving families in our area an exciting opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus for these children. Some children will only need us temporarily until their family is restored and others will need a forever family through adoption. If just one family from each church in Boone County would open their home, we would have an abundance of homes for our children.

Sign up for our next Informational meeting to see how you can help! Some will foster, some will adopt, but we all can help support these children in various ways! Come see what you can do to help the hurting children through this traumatic time in their lives. Will you answer The CALL?

Following His lead,
Karen Ketchum
Boone County Coordinator

Launch Celebration rescheduled

The Boone County Launch Celebration has been rescheduled for Sunday January 12, 2014 at 2PM at the Twelve Oaks Estate in Harrison, AR.

Boone contact info

715 W Sherman Suite C
Harrison, AR 72601

phone: 870-­518-­9209


Lora Stephens, County Coordinator